Wednesday, 30 May 2012


A stereotypical university/college experience is to be apart of a society or a 'club'. This is something I really wanted to do, especially something 'sporty' to help out with fitness. Not only that, it'd be really lovely to be apart of a university society, in the meaning of the word. Of course I have friends on my course, those who I lived with or near and plenty of church friends, I just wanted the experience. Disappointingly the prices were ridiculous. I was so up for joining the cheer leading team and got really excited, that was until I found out you need a uni gym membership (£100-£200), uniform (just under £100) and then to pay for all the classes. Being a UNIVERSITY society you'd assume they'd take into consideration the fact that we are all poor. (All sport related societies at my uni require a gym membership.)  

I looked at the equestrian society, as I did horse riding when I was younger and fancied getting back into it. Plus my Dad's side of the family are Irish & all big into horses, a couple of my cousins even own some. This too was extremely expensive, although much more understandably so. So I didn't join a society last year, which is actually really sad... Hopefully I can join one next year, or at least before I finish uni (I have two years left). I'm planning on joining a gym in September with my lovely friend Michelle, who currently goes multiple, multiple times a week :). She's a beast. It's not the uni gym though. I'll be joining the other one because 1) it's cheaper, 2) I already have a gym buddy!  

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