Sunday, 3 June 2012

April's Wedding

Yesterday I went to my friend's wedding :). It was so lovely & beautiful and I really felt the Spirit. April is 19 and her husband is 21; in Mormon society is it a pretty usual thing to get married young. They got married at Preston Temple and their colour scheme was sky blue and white. They both looked so happy, wonderful and beautiful.

I'm staying at Michelle's house right now as I gave back my keys for my uni flat (end of year contract). Her older sister and brother in law came over for Sunday lunch and they began discussing weddings. She had a good point about thinking about your wedding early so you can plan it all and make it lovely. Personally I didn't want to think to much about my special day until it actually comes about, because I didn't want to take the fun out of planning and making the decisions then, however I see their point and ended up getting abit Pinterest happy this afternoon. :) I even found a beautiful, vintage, bird cage style cake I'd love to have at my own wedding. Although I may change the colour and it couldn't be fruit cake. Probably chocolate or red velvet! 

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  1. :) That wasn't her cake, sorry! It was one I found on Pinterest I decided I'd have at my wedding. :D


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