Friday, 29 June 2012


I had a long weekend up in Liverpool for a Young Single Adult Convention. It was probably the best YSA Convention I've been to so far. Our church has lots of YSA activities, conventions, etc on a regular basis and I try to attend many because they are so much fun. This past year I've been to 5 conventions! Originally I was disappointed that many of my uni/northern friends weren't going (it's only an hour away gosh). However I enjoyed myself immensely with my 'southern' friends and meeting some wonderful people.  

We found love. Titanic style.

Most of the activities are just fun as opposed to spiritual. We had a party (dance) on a ferry! Which was ace :D. I can't actually swim so I get kinda nervous around water, yet it was perfectly fine and we had fun messing about on the deck then partying hard indoors. 

It was Where's Wally theme so we looked dead goofy :P 

On the Saturday I spent the day learning a dance for a flash mob we went on to perform twice in Liverpool city centre. I'll post the video once it hits youtube :). It was so amazing! Such an incredible adrenaline rush. Liverpool was so crazy busy though, I wasn't sure how we were gonna do it without hitting random members of the public accidentally in the face. Once we got going a massive circle formed so it was all ok :). We melted back into the crowd towards the end; we were never there. 

We went off and did a photo scavenger hunt where we had to complete tasks e.g. the bottom picture is us creating the word help.

We love ourselves a well dressed man ;) haha. Elbow patch fetish! 

We did even more; a super spiritual, uplifting day on Sunday, watching the penalties of England vs Italy and all the guys going crazy which was hilarious, hanging out at the lake, an insane water fight, the luscious room in the Premier Inn and lots of travelling there and back.

All in all, it was brilliant. :D 

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