Sunday, 22 July 2012

1950s Fairytale

These were directed, shot and edited by my very talented friend Rowan. *I was the model :)* They were for her end of year project in a Fashion and Textiles course *she got a distinction wooooo*. She created the beautiful garments and is going on to study a Lingerie degree :) (she's also a Mormon, which I just love). We had such an entertaining time doing the shoot; casually trying to change in a field, spying on the guy cutting the grass in a neighbouring field  *incase he noticed us!* and watching a suspicious helicopter fly over multiple times. 

I love the filters and editing. Creating a vintage, 'developed film' effect while maintaining an air of mystic, innocence and natural harmony. 

''My project was both based on the Cottingley fairies, and 1950's lingerie, with my own magical twist on the theme i came up with these designs.''

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