Tuesday, 31 July 2012

OOTD & Olympic Chocolate

As I took a trip to High Wycombe on our beloved public transport and good old walking I opted for an Autumn style outfit to keep me warm. I'm usually not a fan of wearing black *that's Jenna's job* and would've teamed this with some cute high waisted beige leggings [or chinos] had I gotten round to buying a certain pair my eyes are on.  

My trip was quite a fail. There was nothing good [to buy]. All the shops have the last bit of sales, so it's rummaging through mess mainly consisting of sizes far too big and being enchanted by the AW collections that I am currently trying to resist. I actually pinned the unclasped ends of the necklace onto my jumper just underneath the collar to enable it hang lower.

TROUSERS h&m, BELT new look, BOOTS&BAG river island, NAILPOLISH topshop   

I finally found the Cadbury Olympic chocolate bars! WOOOOOOOOOO The Facebook company page posted pictures a few weeks ago and although I'd been on the lookout I hadn't been able to find any until today! I really like the packaging :D. Tesco is currently doing a promo for £1 per bar, however I didn't buy the Gold one as I'm not a fan of nuts. 

SilveryCreme is a mix between Bliss & the white Bubbly, it's pretty nice. BronzeCremeCrunch has a similar texture *apart from the crunchy bits of course* and packs more flavour. I'm not sure which is my favourite out of the two. My lil sister can't decide either, however my Mum votes for SilveryCreme. 
What's your opinion?

Cadbury is by far my favourite chocolate brand. From it's wonderful British & moral roots to it's intoxicating smell and delicious melt in the mouth goodness. 

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