Monday, 16 July 2012

My 19th Birthday

Being a poor student needing to justify my spendings I purchased a beautiful Jack Wills hoodie as a present from myself too myself :D. I received an email informing me of their summer sale so I innocently checked it out. I came across the hoodie and a luscious top. As it's still super expensive & debated about buying it for about a day or two before braving the departure of my money. The postage said 4-8 working days. I ordered it on the Friday & it arrived Tuesday! *celebration/appreciation dance* 

I got so excited & decided to open it before my actual birthday just incase the order was wrong/I didn't like it/etc :) (I reasoned haha). It was beautiful. The colouring was lovely (even better than the picture), it was soooo soft & cosy and it was clearly well made.  That is one of the reasons I prefer Jack Wills over other super commercial brands such as Hollister. 

I went to purchase some Hollister once, tried on three items and was disappointed by the poor quality and weird sizing e.g. a shirt fitted snuggly on my arms and fine on my chest but hung/too loose on my stomach, and the material/finish was just not doing it. I was quite sad as it looked so nice online yet greatly disappointing in real life. I did a post about it on tumblr  "I was very disappointed. The shirts fitted poorly; too loose & unfitted around the stomach & restricting on the arms, the collar was too flat/not strong enough for my liking and the material to me felt more like a paper bag. Which in all honesty is a shame."   Here's a lovely dark picture of me trying it on. *My hair looks in much better condition now :D*

Mother dearest & I went birthday shopping to get me some presents ;). Turns out there was nothing I really, really wanted (minus expensive stuff e.g. a holiday or car haha) so we left it & decided on money, that way I could put it towards something super good or if I do change my mind later on I can. I ended up being a stereotypical young person and getting a Starbucks. I really like the new 'feature' shall we say of writing your name on your order. Smart move Starbucks ;). Making me feel special. I let the guy decide how my name is spelt *most people fail* and was dead impressed to see he did so correctly! I still prefer Costa Coffee as they have more non caffeine options. Being Mormon I don't drink tea or coffee, so I usually have a fruit or cream cooler or a hot chocolate in colder weather. 

Why don’t Mormons drink coffee, tea, or alcohol?

To celebrate my birthday I had a girlie night out on Thursday *student night*. First we headed to Chiquitos as they do a selection of mocktails *most places don't do any!*. Our waitress was so lovely and funny! She even gave us stick on moustaches and asked about Mormonism!


I had a Virgin Colada and what was the funniest, most awkward non alcoholic shot ever. I wasn't allowed to use my hands, super awks. I wore the most make up than I had in ageess. I took inspiration from Marina and the Diamonds' Pre-madonna Girl music video. Creating a cutesy doll type look. 

Blurry pic on the way to *party hard*

It can be difficult to dress modest for a night out & not look like a nun haha. *Dress & Appearance: For Strength of You[th]* I absolutely love the waterfall/asymmetric skirts but most are ridiculously short in the front. This one actually covers the knee and hits the floor at the back (I wore it much higher though to cover my midriff and make it more 'party'). To maintain a waist I added a skinny, braided belt that also ties in the shoes. My friend on the left is also LDS/Mormon. :)  

 A few people have asked if we're related! We don't think we look particularly similar, & put it down to the hair & eye make up. We've been asked if we're sisters & ever twins!

We headed on to the clubs and partied hard of course. 

My actually birthday was pretty chill. I stayed at Becca's from the night before & my Mum came to pick us up in the morning and gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers :D. She is a babe. 

I spent the day chilling with my fam & the sunshine even came out for a little bit! Which is incredible as the weather has been ridiculously cold. I headed to a church dance in the evening in Birmingham which are always the best ones (outfit below). My family & I were meant to go out to dinner to celebrate on the Saturday but a lot of them are pretty ill so we're postponed it too next week. I love prolonged birthday celebrations. On my actual birthday I just felt so peace, content and joyous!  

High waisted jeans, cropped Topshop tee, tight white undershirt to cover midriff (tight to stop it riding up and making the outfit baggy), multiple necklaces, button earrings & heels.  Felt like an American Apparel model ;) 

My beautiful, delicious birthday cake made my lovely little sisters & Mother dearest

As I'm now 19, if I was a guy I'd be sorting out setting off on a LDS/Mormon Mission! I'd absolutely love that! 

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  1. Hollister sucks huh? The pink skirt on your night out is beaut <3 Glad you had a great day! Im gonna blog about mine on wed/thurs depending how hungover I am paha :')

    where is your skirt from??



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