Monday, 9 July 2012

A Patriotic Weekend

On Friday evening we aimed to attend a Hyde Park Welcome Back Ball at the Hyde Park chapel on Exhibition Road (it had been refurbished, it looked pretty much the same to me though). We left quite late and so we'd get there 10pm (it finishes at 11:30pm). The traffic was ridiculous! We got there at 11:30pm! When we went in the lights were on & we didn't hear a single song. It was totally fine though :) everyone hung out for ages and headed to subway, so we didn't leave till 1:45am. I still think church dances should finish later. Apparently in other countries they finish around 1/2am! Of course that's not late for a normal night out, but for church activities that totally is. Irregardless I had a fab time :D. 

Saturday evening we headed to London to hang out, there was something like 17 of us. I get the train at uni all the time but never gotten it to London by myself, I don't mind the actual train it's more the tube. I wasn't in a rush though so I planned to let all the crazy busy people go on first & wait for the next one if it was super packed. Tubes come every 3/4mins so it's really not an issue. Weirdly I felt more comfortable travelling to Manchester or Birmingham even though I've been to London the most as my family home is only like an hour away. I seriously need to take advantage of this more. 

We wondered around Regents Street, I got super excited as a Gilly Hicks store opened up there recently. We couldn't find it (we didn't look that hard) & no one else was as excited as me :( haha.  We went to Hamleys toy store, I'd never been before! I loved the Harry Potter merchandise! Once again I was the most excited :'). 
Abercrombie is such a crazy brand, but check out this beautiful man! I was freaking out over how utterly beautiful & delicious he was. I need a mormon man like that ;) haha. I would so marry him! My friends told me to go back in and hand him a Book of Mormon :') I didn't have one on me. He had a tattoo just below his belly button; he had foundation on to cover it but you could still see the indentations. Such a delicious man.

We had dinner in China town, everywhere was so packed. It was gay pride day so the streets were ridiculously full with everyone just hanging out & millions of bottles, cans and cups littering the street. The first restaurant we went was so packed we had to wait for ages for them to get us a table as we were such a big group. Sat down, looked at the menu, turns out it was cash only. Super awkward as we all just had our cards. So we ran out haha. Got money got & found a different buffet place and went there. 

We spent the rest of the time wondering around & hanging out. Through Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and on to South Bank. Being the Great British summer it got chilly & rained. It was actually warmish though :) I assume that's just because it's so packed and so built up. 

A couple of us stayed over at a friend's, attended church the next morning (4 hours sleep, yay!) then watched the Wimbledon on TV. I had to get the scoring system explained to me :).  It was really good. Murray & Federer were so evenly matched. It looked like Murray had a chance during the first two sets. He won the first, Federer won the second then they drew for a while. But Federer smashed it & it was clear he was going to win. We even had the traditional strawberries & cream. 

Murray's girlfriend is super hot (left)! She looks a lot like Made in Chelsea's Millie Mackintosh (right). Some brilliant pictures from the match here. 
Catherine Duchess of Cambridge was there which made it super exciting. She's my favourite royal. The ball runners were pretty amusing too. I found out that the brand Fred Perry is actually a tennis player who won Wimbledon three times 70 odd years ago! Learn something new everyday. :) It would've been amazing if Murray won especially as this is such an important year for GB with the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics. Even though he lost the match he did wonderfully getting there & I'm sure he'll win it in the future. They both gave such humble speeches at the end. 

Today the olympic torch came through my home town! I managed to get up 'early' and watch it. I live right by the start point so we saw all the vans, advertising, police and the torch being lit. I filmed it so I'll do some editing then post it here. :) Can't say I actually like the torch too much, although it's grown on me. I had a picture with it some time last year as it travelled around the country with Samsung. I didn't like the mascots either, but now I think they're kinda cute. But what actually are they?! Creature wise... I still think the 2012 logo could be better too. Lol complain over. 

All in all I love being British and I'm super happy we're being all patriotic! 

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