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Brit and I booked a last minute holiday to the beautiful Greek Island Kos. We ended up in Kardamena, dropped off by a coach from the airport in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of other people. We were directed up a dirt track road in the dark and left to discover our hotel. We were all abit freaked and nervous "Who booked this holiday?!". On the coach we were given a postcard by the company 2wentys telling us to met them for initiation at 10:15am, bearing in mind it was already the early hours of the morning. Our hotel Angelina Studios was basic, small, pretty and intimate. It's a family run business so you got to know everyone really well, have banter, ask questions, ask them to make food a certain way, etc without any awkward business consumer vibe. They were super helpful, funny, fill of banter and fun. 

The view from our room :)

Turns out 2wentys is a 18-30 company by Thomson for young party holidays :D offering shots at initiation and lots of offers and activities throughout our stay. It was so worth having. We had reps to look after, direct and help us. We booked some nights out e.g. Flithy Animals, UV night, a day at a waterpark and a day trip on a boat to Paradise Beach. It saved us stress and boredom not having to organise tons of stuff ourselves or just chilling doing the same thing everyday.

We went out & explored Kos town ourselves taking advantage of all the beautiful restaurants, bars, clubs, and harbour. Each place hires PRs who stand outside walking around talking to potential customers trying to entice them in. They were fun to met and have some banter with. Everyone was shocked that we don't drink. *Why don’t Mormons alcohol?*  We had to explain/introduce so many people to 'Mormonism', Brit said she felt like a missionary. Ironically missionaries aren't allowed to proselyte in Greece and I've heard many actually end up getting arrested. Strange as in Kos they were pretty chilled on lots of the laws (after discussing things will locals and people who've lived there for the summer). I suppose the mainland is quite different? And we were much nearer to Turkey than Greece.

Most of the PRs are all young English people, :) most who'd come on holiday then stayed or come back and decided to get a fun, party summer job. I was so tempted to stay. It feels like a community more than a holiday. You get to know everyone so quickly and build up so many friendships and have a brilliant time. It's small enough to recognise and run into people you've already met, yet big enough for there still to be many you've never seen before. 

I'm on a boat!

Kos is so beautiful, and so hot! Averaging 40degrees it was crazy. English summer is looking good in the 20s. 

At Paradise Beach we went on Jet Skis! Our first ever time. It was frigging brilliant!!! Such a kick. Because we went with 2wentys we got it at a discounted price but still only got one to save on money. We managed to hop over and change driver half way through. :) It was kinda scary, especially as I can't really swim, like at all. And we went out as far as boat. We ended up going over 60mph :D. The sea was so salty though! We got off with our lips and eyes super sore. You get pretty soaked. I would definitely do it again and even get my own ski. I highly recommend it.

The ocean was so blue and clear! I'd never seen one like it, even in Italy. It was crazy. You would look down see your feet and even little fishes swimming around you!

Our days were spent exploring the beaches, tourist trinket shops, internet cafes, poolside and along the habour. At night we'd eat at restaurants, get dressed up ;) (with our lack of hairdryer, air drying our hair was entertaining), go out partying, meeting even more people and staying up to silly hours in the morning. 

Here are just a few pictures of our wonderful time :D

We met some fab people without whom we wouldn't of had such a good holiday :D. 

I love the way European men approach women (I know I live in England but it's seriously not the same). <3 

On our last night we headed to the beach after clubbing and watched the sunrise :) I didn't get to bed until 8am. The sunrise was so beautiful. 

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