Friday, 24 August 2012

Strawberry Milk Lollies

Summer holidays mean sunshine and family time! My youngest sister only has two weeks before she heads back to school and I leave once again for university, so it's time we made the most of each other :). Feeling slightly let down by the Great British Summer Sophia wanted to make smoothie ice lollies. She'd just gotten a pack of lolly molds from IKEA for under £2 that she was soo excited to try out. After a quick google search and trip to Tesco we were ready to go! 

Her lovely shopping/ingredient list

Apparently normal milk doesn't freeze well. The condensed stuff tasted really sweet and creamy (we had a cheeky taste from the tin). They layer so lovely and look like a little trifle! I had some of the strawberries later in a salad & they tasted so sweet and delicious! I was pleasantly surprised :D. 

Blitzed up & it looks so rich and vibrant

Poured evenly into each mould & placed carefully into the freezer to await demolishing! The recipe says it makes 8 but we found it fitted well into 6 with a lil left over to drink.

Sophia's favourite chocolate at the moment! 
Once frozen, she melted the chocolate in the microwave and layered the top half of a few lollies. We needed more for all 6 lollies, but she did nibble on the chocolate before hand & as I didn't see her melt it I'm not sure how much was actually left :). 

It was delicious! The fresh strawberries really gave it flavour that was so refreshing and rich compared to shop brought lollies. Imagine eating a Mini Milk but times the taste by 10 and imagine the texture with more substance, even though we seriously liquidized the formula the finished lollies contained the occasional strawberry piece which just enhanced the flavour. 


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