Friday, 31 August 2012


What am I wearing?
Nail Varnish - Rimmel London 230 Portobello Pink
Colour Block Top - Internacionale
Purple Bodycon Skirt - H&M
Worker Boots - River Island 
Owl Earrings - Primark
Handbag - River Island
Hoodie - Jack Wills
Leggings - Matalan
Silk Scarf - H&M

A picturesque village 10 minutes drive from my family home. We spontaneously decided to hop out the car and take some pictures. Most of which turned out lovely. Don't you just love British villages? We even had fish&chips for dinner :) how stereotypically. 

My outfit is a simple one. Cosy, soft, layers. An outfit I threw out literally a second before walking out the door in a rush. Probably the kind of stuff I'm going to wear in the North when I head back to uni. More comfort than style. I'm usually not a massive fan of hoodies but this one is Jack Wills (a love of mine) and a treat from myself for my birthday back in July. The blue is such a lush colour and really compliments my eyes. The looming winter months are seeming to bring a desire of warmth and cosiness as I've also fallen in love with a hoodie by The Ragged Priest, which I'm looking to recreate as a DIY project.

The boots are Worker Boots from River Island that I've had for at least two years. I love them to pieces and I'm surprised they've lasted so long. However I think it's time to invest in some Chelsea Boots to mix it up abit and add variety to my warmer winter wardrobe. It's a shame it rains so much in the North as it really limits my footwear.  

I've just created a Facebook page for this blog *excited dance*. You can access it here, through the 'Contact Me' page or by using the little pink 'f' button in the right hand sidebar. Go on. Give it a Like ;). 

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  1. hi! thank you (: sorry, the bandana was from a secon hand store, but i'm sure you'll find lot's of these in ebay! x


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