Monday, 10 September 2012

A Change of Scenery

Ready for the 4 hour drive

I've moved! Back to the north of England for my second year of university. A very busy few days and much more to come I'm sure. It's going to be another busy adjustment period. I do love student life though :D. 

I wore the lovely unicorn necklace Jenna bought me from The Little Teacup :D. It was a surprisingly warm September day, a little sunshine never goes amiss in the joys of life. I finally got around to purchasing a new pair of black leggings. Such a staple piece I've sorely been lacking as all my previous pairs all wore out. River Island currently sells a high waisted pair containing lycra so they're super skinny and good. 

Last year I came back with soooo much stuff it was ridiculous! So I decided to cut back this year, most of the stuff I've brought has ended up being clothes. My Dad has skills and managed to fit it all in the boot! Yay! Minus my bedding & laptop. Check out our hats, aren't we cool ;) haha. The smaller is my Dad's, I love it, it makes him look like he's from the 1930s *watch Public Enemies and you'll see what I mean about the mens hats of the era :)*. The wider brimmed hat is mine and has featured in a recent post *check it out here*

Welcome to my new little space! :D 

I'm sure I'll change stuff around and add photos or posters or something as I settle in :). My hand jewellery holder has actually lost a finger *I know where it is I just haven't bothered to fix it*, so I jazzed it up by adding in The Great British flag! :D I much prefer it this way. I had a few of those babies left over from the beginning of the olympic period. I got a pack of 6 for £1 [!!]  thanks Asda. 

Our house is pretty darn nice considering we're students :) *even if the kitchen area is diddy*. The main flaw is that there are no mirrors! I expected a full length one. None. Well other than the two lil ones in the bathrooms. So I've been scouting ebay and there are some cute free standing ones for under a fiver you just have to go pick it up. I have my eye on a few in my city and shall be bidding as it gets closer to the end.

 What am I wearing?
Black Silk Cami - River Island
Mint Body Con Skirt - H&M
Lace Top - Next (from Jenna) 
Spike Necklace - Topshop
Wedges - New Look 

I tried taking some outfit pictures for you Beauts to show you what I wore to church today. I ended up balancing my camera on random objects around the room with the timer on. It ended up sitting on Harry Potter no.5 *the book of course* on the window sill. My head is cut off in the top one :) *awkward poses* I think I'm going to need some practice with the self timer. 

JCing :P

Church was so good :). I loved seeing everyone and instantly feeling apart of the Ward again (area congregation). Last year when I arrived it was fairly daunting joining a ward without my family and not even knowing any of the YSA (Young Single Adults - 18-30year olds) or anyone in the area. As it's so far it's a completely different set of people. I've been reflecting on this over the summer. It's annoying because you build up and strengthen friendships and get to know everyone in one area, then move back again whether it be home or university. At least we have lots of national activities so I do still get to see most people occasionally.  I felt so blissful in the afternoon. Having felt so much love and the Spirit at church then returning home to my new cozy little house. 

Now it's time for FRESHERS WOOOOOOOO (A week or two of constant nights out and partying :) ) Any outfit suggestions? 

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