Thursday, 6 September 2012

Shabby Apple

by Shabby Apple 

I have always loved Alice in Wonderland, finding particular enticement and fascination in the element of insane fantasy and trippy creation. The collection's summary photo is perfection. The added circles of colour creating an illusion of light hitting upon the camera lens, while tying in the intensity of the model's colour scheme. The make up technique is similar to Louise Gray's new collection for Topshop *check it out here*. This is due to the obvious placement of bright, statement colours, creating a stark contrast with the British Rose complexion. The use of flowers on the hat are similar to the beautiful floral crowns as seen on the likes of Lana Del Ray, while the royal shade of purple can metaphorically convey the richness of a child's imagination.      

I have only been aware of Shabby Apple for a month and have been delighted to find a clothing company that offers so many 'standard' dresses (covers the shoulders, isn't low cut in the front or back and hits the knee) *to learn more about Mormon clothing standards click here*. Granted some of the clothes on offer are for the older woman, however I really enjoyed looking through this particular collection and thought I'd share a few favourites.

The photography, location and use of props are spot on. Each piece is even given a name linking to the original storyline. 1) The Red Queen, 2) I'm Late! I'm Late!, 3) The Mad Hatter, 4) Alice. *Click here to see the full collection* Most are being sold at $88, which according to le mac is currently around £55.  The shipping is fairly expensive and you are accountable for any customs charges, I personally would need to be in dying love with the product before parting with so much money, especially without having physically seeing the garment. My favourite piece is The Mad Hatter (bottom left). A shift cut dress created with a crochet style lace, a piece of effortless elegance. One that's suitable for any season,  making it perfect for the current summer into autumn transition period.  

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