Friday, 14 September 2012

DIY Cloud Denim Acid Wash

I apologise for the complete lack of posts this week. As you know I'm now back at uni, so I've been very busy. I usually write my posts late at night and as I've been out partying, enjoying the madness that is Freshers I often get home around 4am. I want to create an accumulative post about Freshers and as it's still going on, it'll be posted over the next week. 

Here's a lovely DIY I worked on at the very end of summer. It's super low budget and uses stuff you'll have already in your house. I've taken a denim shirt I've owned for years but never wear and updated it. Mine is from F&F but it should work with any denim item you fancy. I wanted my acid wash to be more structured and create a fluffy cloud like pattern. 

Starting point :)

What you will need
A bucket or container
Household bleach
Empty bottle (optional)

Start by creasing the shirt, you want to create folds in the fabric so that the bleach will not evenly distributed on the shirt. This is what creates the fluffy cloud effect.

Place in the bucket. I used bricks to hold in the folds. 

Mix up alot of bleach and a small portion of water in the bottle and shake, or you can pour  the bleach directly from the original container.

Pour over the shirt, covering the entire garment. 

You'll be able to see the garment change colour. The amount of time you leave it is dictated by your desired result. Keep checking it. At this stage I had checked after 20 minutes and with no visible change I added undiluted bleach, after 40minutes this is how it looked. Wash out the bleach with cold water and examine the garment.  

Here's the result at this stage! Stop whenever you like. I personally was surprised by how little of the shirt had bleach patches. So I decided to whack it back in the bucket, carefully folding it so the untouched areas would all be covered by bleach. I then added more undiluted bleach and left for an hour, constantly checking it.

It looked so bleached I thought "Wow, it must be done!". I took it out & rinsed it with cold water so I could see the progress. 

It still wasn't as light or covered as I wanted. But the multiple bleaching caused tonal differences within each 'cloud' enhancing the effect. 

More bleach! I think in total I soaked the shirt in bleach for about 4 hours. On this final stage I used tons of bleach and lifted up the shirt, applying bleach to the underneath and folded the shirt so that it took up the entire bottom of the bucket as opposed to half.

End result!!!

The shirt looks completely different :D. Even the darker areas are a much lighter shade of denim. The multiple bleaching sessions took a fair bit of time but they enabled the cloud like pattern to be much more effective and fluffy. Make sure you rinse off the bleach to stop the colour developing further. I also stitched on a top button as weirdly the shirt didn't have one. I picked a detailed one to add more character. Cutting and stitching the button hole was tedious and, probably wasn't done all that well, but it was needed to stop the material from fraying. I recommend giving it a quick wash in the machine to fade the bleach smell. 

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