Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Jack Wills & Manchester

I had plans to go Manchester last Saturday night with a group of friends that got rescheduled, and not having gone out the night before there was no way I wanted to spend my Saturday doing nothing. So I popped on the train and head to Manchester Victoria station, Jack Wills bound. Jack Wills is one of the few brand I have undying affection and devotion for; the only other I can think of being Apple. I'm not a big fan of having the words JACK WILLS emblazon across my chest, but love high quality, beautiful items. To me a strong, masculine pair of brogues, chunky knits, shirts and a passion for British heritage are all wardrobe essentials.    

I actually made it into the top 25 girls in Great Britain in competing for their Best Summer Job in Great Britain this summer, you can check out my entry video here. I would absolutely love to work for the company and received a phone call requesting an interview for the Bicester store a few days ago. The timing was devastating, I've just moved 4 hours away for the academic year to the north of England. I was so gutted. So I went along to the Manchester store and enquired about vacancies, having abit of banter with some of the employees I was told when to apply and will definitely be going for it. 

It's the first time I've been to that particular outlet and was blown away by the decor and beauty of the store. It's by far the best I've been too. I must've looked so weirdly happy and excited (bare in mind I was on my own). It was massive. The shopping experience was wonderful, with alluring, easy to browse layouts, exciting 'props', beautiful, helpful staff and an array of luscious designs. With an extremely tempting 30% university and college student discount until October 4th I had to exercise extreme self control. The knitwear and shirts proved most desirable. I also love browsing the men's range. I managed to leave with just an inexpensive book bag, justifying that I need more bags shaped in such a way that I'll be able to cart le Mac to & from uni. 

I wasn't sure if buying the stripped design would be too unabashedly flaunting the brand. It's the design used on their 'carrier' bags (although the term carrier bag hardly gives it justice), jeeps, stationary, price tags, laptop/phone cases, etc. I deliberated purchasing the union jack design but concluded that the tones were too earthy and subdued for my personal taste, and thus opted for the brightly contrasting striped book bag. The book bags are perfectly priced for the younger market to indulgence in the brand while keeping parents happy. They're easily items I can see brand conscious year 8s having as their school bags. I love how they're called book bags, making it nostalgic of primary school :). Very in-keeping with the British education system and appropriate for a University Outfitters.   

I managed to control my spending mainly because I currently need my money being a lowly student :). However that 30% freshers discount is continuing to tug on my resistance, it looks like I'm going to head back and purchase this beauty. I've been lusting after it since seeing it in the Autumn Term Handbook a few weeks ago and have fallen even more in love after seeing it in real life. Shirts are so effortless and wonderful. This design reminds me of the work by the renowned British artist William Morris. 

 I love being in big cities, and although Birmingham, London & Manchester all seem to be very similar in terms of architecture, the contrast of old and new is always stunning. Everyones' style is intriguing and wonderful and the variety of shops completely spoil us. I will say I was disappointed by the interior of the American Apparel store, I expected more from such a high quality and pricey brand identity.   

So far it's been interesting fitting in blogging with my studies and uni lifestyle. I've been working on my Passion for Fashion, Money Supermarket competition entry which has taken up a lot of time so the posting schedule this week has been abit of an anomaly. Thanks for being patient you lovelies :D. I figured I'd end this post with an exciting picture of my face :), fun facial expressions make life much more fulfilling. Sorry it's not an actual outfit post/picture. Doesn't my hair magically look blonder? 

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