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Money Supermarket's Passion for Fashion

Don't you just love the internet and all the opportunities it presents us with? I recently came across the Passion for Fashion competition by Money Supermarket and was super excited to join in :). 
To enter you must have a blog and create 5 looks; Party, Casual, Outdoor, First Date and Office Wear all for under £200. I wanted my looks to represent my style, creativity and to be slightly unusual. Dressing is one of the many joys in life, it deserves to be appreciated and offers wonderful fun. Why should we conserve our sense of style?   

There will be a winner for each category, each winning £200 to spend on said outfit and an overall winner who wins the desirable prize of £1,000 to spend on all their chosen outfits and an iPad! 

Throughout this post you'll come across type in pink, these are all are hyperlinks taking you to the product or a mentioned brand. 

Paint the Town Pastel
Juliette Beaded Dress Siren London £28| Rose Crown Kisofkani £24.66 + £7.59 P&P |Nails in Pinch Punch by Louise Gray (collection in Topshop) £6.50 | Jeffrey Campbell Galaxy Lita Polyvore, sold through SoleStruck £99 | Turquoise Shell Stone Ring Dainty Roses £3.50 + £2.20 P&P | Faux Snake Hard Phone Purse Topshop £14| Rose Style Paperself Paper EyeLashes at asos £12 

Forget painting the town red, this isn't a Special K advert. Go all out on the galaxy trend this AW and paint those skies with stars and pastels. Calling accessorises to the focal point I chose a beautiful, angelic dress from Siren London. I couldn't believe how inexpensive it was and instantly fell in love with it's shape and intricate neckline detailing, as if I don't wear enough white already! Pairing with one of the most statement shoes over the past year, the Jeffrey Campbell Lita. I've been lusting after these babies for over a year and, with a steep price tag in most stock listers I was amazed to find them for only £90 from SoleStruck (through Polyvore). The front has a massive platform meaning the heel is actually quite small, making it super comfy, you just need to get used to being much taller than usual :). Litas come in a huge range of patterns and colours, some even with studs; there are many to fit any taste and personal style. 

Floral crowns have grabbed my attention with a rapture this season. They carry a certain Lana Del Rey affiliation making them sensual, elegant and above all beautiful. They're slowly creeping into the High Street stores, however the best seem to remain online. This rose crown from Kisofkani looks realistic, with petals appearing soft and delicate. The pallet is almost an extract match with the Litas bringing together the colour scheme perfectly as they balance out the dress without taking away any of the innocence it presents. 

Fake eyelashes have the potential to bring depth and mystic. Paperself offers a range of wonderfully designed pieces, creating an instant artistic and unique look. What's more, they're reasonably priced! Joy for students and workers galore. I felt the rose design would be most ideal as it'll works wonders complimenting the rose crown. Continuing with the occasional pastel colour pop, I've added the glittery Pinch Punch nail varnish by Louise Gray. She currently has a new collection of make-up and clothing through Topshop, all accentuating bright colours and loud, chic designs, and finally the turquoise shell stone ring which holds a soft, vintage look.

Clutches are very much needed but so much effort to hold and hinder our badman dance moves. These clever little clutches are the size of your bank card and act as a purse and mobile phone holder. Granted it doesn't fit a digital camera, but most phones these days have great cameras. Otherwise appoint a designated photographer ;) everyone's doing it. This clutch fits snugly in the palm of your hand, increasing your ability to shake that booty. Go on. Bust a move. 

To Infinity and Beyond

Spray Collar Tee Topshop £18 | Purple Galaxy Leggings Black Milk £48.72 | Mink Beige Studded Slipper ebay £13.95 | Lips in Legend by Louise Gray Topshop £10 | Studded Levi Denim Jacket The Ragged Priest (concession also in Topshop) image source £90 | Punch-out Rucksack Matalan £12

A casual outfit is one in which you need to feel completely comfortable and yet still project your personal style. The most comfortable bottoms to curl up in are of course, leggings. I've been lusting after these gorgeous wanderlust leggings from Black Milk and knew straight away that they'd be my staring point for this look. Super cosy, laid back and bang on trend, they're a pure winner. The galaxy trend is continuing into A/W and adds colour to those drab days of British weather. This pair offers the best and most seamless graphic print that I've come across, however Romwe offers a few versions that are much more pocket friendly. *These are the most similar for just £16.78, making the overall outfit cost £160.73.*

Paired with a minimalistic tee from Topshop to compliment and prevent distraction from the leggings; the sprayed on collar adds the perfect balance as the eyeline draws up the body. Adding collars as a separate accessory is a big trend this coming season, the spray on effect on this tshirt allows connection with this trend while maintaining the level of comfort from just wearing a tshirt. Creating a simple and effortless solution. 

As a massive fan of online fashion scouting, I've continually spied the studded shoulder, oversized denim jackets. It's taken me months to scout down the perfect fit, shade and number of studs all in one. The Ragged Priest is a wonderfully unique and eccentric brand featuring much tie dye and studs. Having tried the jacket on I think it's worth the price and being a student it takes a lot to convince me to part with so much of my money on just one item. The fit is perfect for layering and protection against the British cold and indecisive weather patterns, while adding a grungy and statement flair to any outfit.  

I've accessorised with soft studded slippers in mink beige to work with the trendy studded shoulders on the jacket; as they're on opposite ends of the body the look isn't overdone. A backpack in a similar shade, lending itself to the grunge vibe and a casual, laid back look as it leaves your arms free. Finished off with a vibrant pink lipstick by Louise Gray to tie the whole look together. The lipstick shade Legend works with the colouring of the leggings and adds a further exciting element to the overall look.  

The Great British Countryside 

Royal Blue Disco Pants Glamorous £29.99 | Infinity Scarf Nasty Gal £25.14 | Ombre, Tie Dye Cable Knit asos £45 | Canvas, Pink Trim BackPack Forever 21 £29.90 | Studded Ankle Boots Topshop £40| Precious Stone Ring asos £15 | Cat Ears Ring asos £6

Living in the north during the academic year I know what it's like to be constantly cold and in need of layers. I'm besotted by knitwear and have fallen in love with the current tie dye, ombre trend, making this cable jumper by asos a wonderful winter piece as it offers warmth, comfort and colour, all in an on trend bundle of joy. 

There's nothing worse than wearing jeans in the rain or along winter walks where you just want to explore and be active in nature, so I've opted for an alternative pair of royal blue disco pants. As comfortable as leggings they can be dressed up or down making them a versatile AW essential. This pair from Glamorous comes in at £29.99, much cheaper than the originals by American Apparel, retailing at £74. The backpack has been chosen for similar reasons, it fails to restrict movement and adds an effortless spin on the outfit. 

Teamed with a soft and cosy infinity scarf by the wonderful people at Nasty Gal, you'll be ready to face the wind without worrying that your usual metal accessorises are going to be hurtled at you. Yet we cannot go out jewellery free! I've incorporated two cute gold rings from asos; the cat ears add a cutesy,  animalistic element, appropriate as we are in the great outdoors and a turquoise precious stone on a basic band. I personally associate this style of ring with the traditional image of a fortune telling gyspy, creating an artistic and mystical feel that is ideal to mix and match with handchains for a more dressy or ornate look. The beautiful boots are a modern take on Chelsea boots, replacing the elastic with a zip, this seasons studs and using suede as opposed to the more traditional choice of leather.    

Working on a Rainbow
Roman Numeral Watch River Island (via asos) £35 | Pink Vintage Leather Satchel ebay £23.90 (inc P&P) | Gold Spike and Stone Bracelets asos £12 Floral Detailed Blouse H&M £19.99 | Studded Trousers Primark £15 |Rainbow Knit Jumper Hearts & Bows (via asos) £26.99 | Brogues Topshop £52

Office wear is often a default look of pencil skirts, heels, blouses and a monotone pallet. I wanted to indulgence this traditional look in a fun, on trend and yet smart feel. Restrictions on office wear very much depend on the workplace and industry and so I kept it fairly flexible and interchangeable. The blouse has a beautiful floral print, the placement of which is unusual. A blazer or other smart jacket can be thrown on if called in for a last minute meeting, making the blouse more conservative if needed. However I feel the subdued tones make it a wonderfully elegant and professional piece.

A slouchy knit to stay warm on the commute and grab a coffee (or hot chocolate :) ) along the way. The collar, jumper look is very much on trend this AW and allows for a comfortable yet professional allure. Teamed with statement trousers, these gentle studs add glamour to any workplace and incorporates the trend into everyday apparel. Again these can be changed to more plain trousers or midi skirt depending of the appropriateness of the workplace. 

A firm believer in good, strong, traditional brogues, I opted for the practical office footwear choice as opposed to heels. My Dad always dresses in suits and brogues and thus I have adopted a taste for them over the years. I always look for a man in good quality, appealing smart shoes, and there is no reason for women not to also wear said beauties. These add a British, heritage element without going overboard on tweed or cable knits, and in keeping with British traditions I hunted down a cheaper version of the satchels from The Cambridge Satchel Company, a brand I am besotted by. This vintage satchel comes in at a measly £23.90 (inc P&P) and a range of colours. The pink works with the blouse and adds more fun to the overall look.

Finishing off with a roman numeral watch to help time manage along the day and countdown the remaining hours to the weekend, along with a colourful stone bracelet and spiked bracelet set by asos. Adding further playful elements and brightening up our spirits. 

He Took Me to the Moon and Back
Galaxy Maxi Skirt Primark £18 | Faux Leather Purple Jacket Forever 21 £19.75 | Chain Drape Cape Topshop £35 |Ruffle Hem  Cream Top Miss Guided £12.99 |Blue Puffer Sandals Jeffrey Campbell (via Office) £80 |Nails in Chase Topshop £6|Lips in Innocence Topshop £8

First dates are nervous, exciting affairs. The activity and how much you like the person dictates your outfit choices. As we know neither of these I decided on an adventurous, dressed up look. I came across the Primark AW lookbook and was delighted to find this skirt for only £18 and knew straight away it'd be the perfect starting point for this look. The length makes it suitable for everyday wear, the AW season and the pallet lends itself to winter nights. The gently peplum hemmed top allows the skirt to take centre stage, in order to balance out the more elaborate elements of the look I've styled with a chain cape. Such an exciting piece that has stemmed from handchains, ready to take on the AW party scene.  

I couldn't resist adding in a pair of the Jeffrey Campbell Puffer Sandals. Although not ideal for winter weather, they'll be fine indoors and don't actually offer much less coverage than wearing pumps. So why not make your choice of footwear more daring. I felt heels would be too dressy (depending on the activity) and flats give you the comfort and security of walking correctly, no pain and ability to take part in most activities. Costing only £80 they are fairly inexpensive considering they're Jeffrey Campbell, the mastermind who has brought us litas, night walkers and starbursts. 

Finishing off with a purple faux leather jacket in preparation for chilly British weather and gentle make up choices, all of which are in sync with the colour pallet and interchangeable depending on personal taste.     

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