Friday, 7 September 2012

So Glad to See You

Arn't we such a well dressed bunch? 
*Casually taking mirror pictures in River Island*

I headed into Milton Keynes to met up with my dear friend Gladmore before we part our separate ways for the academic year. She's spent the past year working as a very successful stylist and is going on to a degree in Fashion Styling in the next few weeks. I'm so proud of all the success and experiences she has gained and so happy for her <3.

We started our day with a Starbucks date, ordering cake and a Creme Blend of Strawberries&Cream, which tasted a lot like an upgraded (and less syrupy) version of the McDonalds 99p Strawberry Sundae. My cake was a Skinny Lemon & Poppyseed Muffin, I really should've bought a sandwich or something as I'd only had a piece of watermelon that day but I succumbed to my student ways and opted for the cheaper, more sugary option. Not gonna lie, it was pretty tasty. We have a wonderful chat catching up with each others lives and future aspirations.  

Sexy and we know it!

We went on to walk around the centre, trying to find good spots to take pictures and having a good old hunt in the shops. I found some real treasures. I'm sure you've all seen those beautifully studded denim jackets scattered across fashion blogs, fashionistas and beautiful people alike. I finally managed to find one!!! I fully freaked out when I saw it. All hail Topshop. With a price to of £60 though I do think it's crazy steep, especially as the jacket itself is small, fitted and very much a 'normal' denim jacket. I'd much prefer it to be over sized, heavy and an intense shade of navy. The studs could've also had more shine and metallic gleam. It looks like I'm going to be purchasing a man's jacket or hunting down one in a vintage or charity store and adding the studs myself. Topman actually had a pretty good denim jacket for £45 but I'd still like it cheaper if I can *being a student and all*. 

I've been majorly lusting after a floral crown (if you don't know what they are, you've probably seen Lana Del Rey wearing them). RocknRose do the most beautiful ones but they're roughly £30-£40. I really don't think the spurge can be justified. It's such a statement piece that I don't think it'd get enough wear for me to pay so much. To my absolute delight I stumbled across one in H&M of all places! Check this baby out for size. They haven't skimped on the size of the roses, they are beautiful and full and, big. They're on a wide elasticated cream(?) band, not only complimenting the pale pink roses but making it perfectly placed on your head and completely reassuring that it would stay put. So perfect for nights out and events where you want to dance, party hard and are likely to be bashed into by lovely drunk people. I am besotted and it is a definite 'to buy' for when my student loan comes in. It's beautiful, elegant and such a wonderful statement piece. Can you guess how much it is? *drumroll* £7.99!!!!!!! *Ok it may of been £6.99, either way it is a BRILLANT price and I'm soooo excited to own this beauty.* 

 So what is the stylist Gladdie wearing?!
Brogue Style Creepers (Shoes) - New Look 
Gold Statement Necklace - Primark
Bag - Italian label  lviero Martini
Reworked DIY Shorts - Levi's
Braided Belt - New Look
Frilly Socks - Topshop
Blouse - Thrifted

She studded the shorts herself :) *skills*. Don't you absolutely love her super cute iPhone case?! I love the ears and the fact that it's pink! One of my motivations to get an iPhone is so I can have a collection of majorly cute and quirky cases! Gladmore is one of the few people who can completely pull off wearing Creepers. She has an extensive collection ;). I'm warming to them but feel it's one of those items you can't simply buy because they're on trend. They require a particular level of style and 'swag'.  

What I am wearing?
Leopard Bodycon Skirt - Primark
Hermit Ring - Miss Selfridge
Worker Boots - River Island
Pearl Bracelets - Republic
Silk Scarf - H&M
Lace Top - Next

You guessed it, the skirt is actually high waisted! Tada! Chicks love high waisted clothing. At least I do. I simply wore the top over it as opposed to tucking it in. You may recognise the top, it's the one Jenna gave to me *Treats from Jenna post*. I've layered it with a black silk vest which feels like a second skin *click here to learn about Mormon clothing standards*. You can see the ring more clearly in one of the funny faces pictures further up. It's called Hermit because I like to name my animal jewellery :D and, no one is 100% sure what animal he is. 

I hope you're all having a fabulous end to summer and feeling ready and excited to once again tackle the real world. I for one am buzzing for Freshers *take two*!

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