Monday, 10 September 2012

The Cambridge Satchel Company

I was delighted to see the brand new Google Chrome advert telling the story of The Cambridge Satchel company. *See the advert here* It is so wonderful and British. Four years ago I wanted a good quality, strongly designed satchel and thus stumbled across this beautiful treasure. Unfortunately being about 15 at the time I didn't have the money. I had no idea of the humble beginnings and find it inspiring. The internet really is a powerful tool at our disposal we simply need to utilise it. I'm so excited the company has once again been brought to my attention and the story told. A satchel is a timeless piece needed in everyones' closet. Male, female, child, duck :D.    

I had a cheeky browse online and they've brought out a wonderful pastel collection! Yayyy! I might just have to put one of these babies on my Christmas list. Prices range from £105-£115 depending on your desired size. They also offer embossing at £5 a letter, max £20. The cheapest range being The Classic starting at £74. When buying bags I take into consideration the size, especially during term time. I often take le mac to university as I need to use certain software and it's just easier storing all my work on one hard drive, so my bag needs it to fit snuggly inside. The Cambridge Satchel Company is perfect as they let you pick your size and colour, so you'll know whether it fits your needs without the worry and disappointment of a delivery that isn't up to expectations. 

The Pastel Range

Aren't they all so cute and gorgeous?! My favourite is the pink

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