Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Treats from Jenna

As you know my best friend Jenna has just come back from Paris where she worked for the summer. Over the phone I insisted she buy me some White Chocolate Covered Oreos! I first tried these babies in Paris over three years ago and freaking loved them. After much online searching I found that they couldn't be bought in England :(. To my delight I stumbled across them once again this summer while on holiday to the beautiful Greek island Kos. YAY! 

I found this picture on tumblr. Look how delish it is!

I'm not a fan of original Oreos. I think the biscuit to creme ratio is off. The biscuit is too dark & overpowers the taste & texture of the creme. My little sister bought the double creme ones recently for us to share and they were lovely! Maybe slightly sickening, but much tastier than the original. The mini ones are also much nicer. Rant over :)

Jenna also gave me a white lace top :), one I've been coveting from her wardrobe for years. The lace is thicker than those used for the lace bodies/leotards we all own and, as it has a  tshirt cut it makes it perfect to either wear as a beautiful top or to layer. Especially handy to make clothes 'modest'. *for information on Mormon clothing standards click here*  

As we casually browsed the lingerie section in Topshop Jenna tells me to look in the bag once again. "What? Have you bought me underwear?" As my excitement builds, anticipating a small treat and I peak into the bag and see a small white & black polka dotted envelope. Unsure what it was I pull it out and spy the Little Teacup sticker. The Little Teacup is a British jewellery brand run by a 20 year old student from Nottingham. She creates quirky, wonderful and affordable pieces. *You can check out her website here* 

Opening the envelope the business card falls out of the fold and I reach in to find a small ziplock bag containing a beautiful, detailed, sliver unicorn necklace. A piece I'd previously sent Jenna a link of in  the many Facebook messages I bombard her with. Isn't she such a great best friend?! 

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  1. Ugh!! So jealous!! Why cant jenna be my friend?!?! I want cute presents!!! hahaha



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