Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Curator is Dead | Fashion

This past week has been exciting and busy. I went to Manchester for a job interview, had lots of uni work and attended a wonderful YSA Convention in Huddersfield, all while having a lovely cold which has now progressed to a slow loss of voice and delightful cough. I've sounded husky and manly, even joking about singing a song over how attractive I sound. 

I absolutely love cities, they have such an allure with the vibrant people, beautiful architecture; traditional and modern, a wide selection of stores and discoveries simply waiting to be made.   

Seeing the scene in the photo above made me incredibly ecstatic. This well dressed man was casually strolling around Manc adorning an elaborately ornate frame. This excited me for a number of reasons: 1) I fully appreciate a well dressed man; the brogues, the blazer, the bowler hat. 2) The tradition and beauty of the frame 3) The pure art of the moment. 

I assumed the girls were with him & potentially even filming the occurrence (note the camera in hand). I couldn't resist getting a cheeky snap myself. Their totes bags stated the line "The curator is dead." Heightening my love and appreciation of the scene. Art students maybe? Being a previously avid A level art student and a current Advertising Creative degree student I am besotted by art, personal expression and delight in stumbling upon such treasures.  

Wondering around the Arndale shopping centre I went into Topshop, although the store itself isn't as exciting as their department in Selfridges. Upon seeing Kurt Geiger shoes on the third floor I couldn't help but go investigate. The Kurt Geiger own store displays are always captivating. Surprisingly the third floor was bigger than the others and had a ton of sale items aswell as lingerie, shoes, in season clothes stock and accessorises. I was shocked to see that they stock The Ragged Priest, a brand I previously thought was only sold through their London stores. I had a mini freak out :) and rushed over to gush over the range.  

For ages I've been after the studded denim jacket in the picture above. The Ragged Priest stopped selling it for a while as they used Levi jackets and apparently Levi wasn't too happy about the money they had been making. They've now changed the jacket supplier and it is once again available here. Personally I cannot justify the price being a student, the one I'm wearing actually belongs to him. He had to persuade a local store to get it in especially. 

Topshop didn't have this particular jacket, but had a dyed and gold studded version which was on sale for only £22!!!! Reduced from £65. Brilliant :D. I couldn't let this bargain pass.    

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