Monday, 22 October 2012

Top Buns and Waists that are High | Fashion

Pastel Pink Cropped Tee Topshop £8 | Spike Necklace Topshop | Tight White Vest Primark |High Waisted Jeans River Island £30 | Worker Boots River Island £60 

What do you think of taking photos here? Being back at uni I can no longer ask my little sister to take them.

I always feel like an American Apparel model wearing this outfit :). These these high waisted jeans excited me to no end when I found them; so many are marketed as high waisted yet actually sit on the top of the hips, making the challenge to find some that fit and sit correctly while being a in a reasonable price range that much more difficult. As the weather has been horrendous I layered with two jackets and an umbrella for my usual walk to university. Surprisingly I never used to like umbrellas, for some reason I found them weird contraptions and annoying. Yet as of late I love them! It rains so much & I'd be horribly soaked and feeling grim with for the rest of the day without one. 

The white vest is so that my outfit is in-keeping with Mormon clothing standards and makes it much more everyday while protecting against the elements. Today I received the most lovely comment about this necklace. A friend said that it reminds him of wind chimes as it appears whimsical and musical. All the previous comments it has received have been in regard to it looking like a weapon, being 'unusual' or that it is suitable for stabbing someone. Lovely. 

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