Sunday, 14 October 2012

We are Hairy People

I should be finishing up ads for my uni crit tomorrow but I couldn't resist sharing this beautiful brand with you all. I've literally just found it, thanks to following/subscribing to Lookbook's facebook page. A Welsh brand selling unique handpainted items through asos marketplace here. I picked some of my favourites. 

This black cosmic print dress is perfect for the Christmas season! When I come into some money I'll definitely be buying this piece of gorgeousness. The length is brilliant as it fits mormon clothing standards while maintaining an elegant, on trend appeal. One to usually shy away from wearing a lot of black due to my fair complexion, the use of model encourages me to take the plunge and still feel like I'll look good. :)

As it's now October I don't feel guilty looking at Christmas indulgences and lookbooks, however I'm super excited for Halloween. My housemates & I are going to dress up as a group, so far we're considering sexy Oompa Loompas, even going for the orange faces and green hair. The main characters from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory or Crayola pencils. What are you going as this year? Last year I went as an undead doll, just dressing up for a normal night out yet with super backcombed hair, drawn on stitches up my throat and arms and some blood thrown on. Easy solution. 

This top is gorge. A piece that can be dressed down for everyday wear and up for a night out. I'd pair it with some purple or gold disco pants and killer shoes :). The collar detailing and angular pattern cutting makes a lovely change to the usual full on galaxy print and mint colouring adds excitement into a winter wardrobe without going over broad on the brights.  

I loved having dip dyed hair, I just wish I dyed it a brighter colour for longer before I cut it all off. I don't want to bleach it again, my ends got far to damaged. I already own a similar skirt to this which can been seen in my Granny Chic look here. Being a Mormon I always have need for skirts; Sundays, dances, weddings, conventions and of course general every day wear and nights out. The understated galaxy, star cluster scattering adds more personality. The underskirt being slightly shorter makes the midi length less of a harsh cut off, a lovely element considering most skirts available today are super short. I can't find the skirt for sale on their site but the jumper can be bought here. I still need to purchase a pair of Chelsea boots, I've found the most wonderful pair but being a poor student I need to restrain from buying the world. 

This top is so versatile and can be teamed with any bottoms, whether it be leggings or a cute skirt. I'm such a sucker for collar detailing and pastel shades; my wardrobe is an array of pastel tones and shirts. It's such an 'easy tee' and I'd love to pair it with some brogues and a fun bag. Besides who can turn down a classic pair of John Lennon sunnies? 

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