Friday, 12 October 2012

What's up Dollface


Lipstick Inhibition Topshop, Fake Eyelashes Towie,  Feather Earrings River Island, Spike Necklace Topshop, Lace Top Next, Handchain Topshop

There's yet to be a week since coming back to university where I haven't had at least one night out. I love getting ready, doing fun make up and dressing up then heading out on the town. Meeting new people and dancing the night away, falling into bed after 4am and waking up with a satisfied smile on my face. 

Originally my hair was styled quite differently and I was wearing different clothes then did a last minute "My friends look hot & I don't want to wear this anymore" moment. Having already curled my hair I swooped it all over to one side, backcombed the whole thing and created a retro victory curl.   

The lipstick is one I rarely wear because it's so statement and fades easily making it a hassle to maintain. Sadly my handchain broke :(, it's the first time I'd worn it in ages. I'm not even sure how it happened. One of the jump rings snapped & I lost it (they're tiny and clubs are of course packed and dark), so now I have two separate pieces. 

As I haven't had much chance to blog recently due to university, etc & I know a lot of you keeping checking in *thank you lovelies <3*, you can always stay in the loop by following me on twitter here

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