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Ombre and Mormon Temples

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I hope everyone has had a lovely Thanksgiving! Being British it's a holiday I have never celebrated, but think the concept in a good one. I would love to celebrate it over in America with Americans one day just for the experience. In my previous post I reviewed L'Oreal's Wild Preference Ombre Kit No.3, the original picture I posted as an end result wasn't overly clear due to the lighting so it's now been updated with a few more that more clearly illustrate the tonal effect :) here. I'm really happy with how it's turned out. Above I'm wearing my beautiful floral crown from H&M simply to add more 'oomph'.  

On a side note you'll notice my eyebrows are much more shapely than before. I've taken the plunge and bought a brow pencil! I wasn't sure what shade to go for as my brows are quite blonde and thus ended up purchasing the Professional Eyebrow Pencil number 002 Hazel from Rimmel London for £2.99. It has a little brush on the lid and I love the whole product, it's so easy to control and only takes about a minute to apply. Before I would fill out my brows with a pallet but found it often went too dark and didn't strongly define the edges. I completely recommend eyebrow pencils.  

Shirt New Look | Necklace Topshop | Floral Crown H&M | Bag River Island | Jeans Zara | Lip Gloss Rimmel London Kiss & Stay, 100 English Rose

Every week YSA attend an additional Sunday School, scripture based class called Institute. Ours is held on a Thursday evening in the chapel located on the Preston Temple grounds; this is as it's a Stake activity (a group of multiple Mormon area congregations) and that particular chapel is our Stake Centre. It really is lovely being around the temple on a weekly basis, especially as we have only two in this country. Our chapels are fairly humble in regards to decor, whereas our temples are full of splendour, high quality craftsmanship and beauty. They are more sacred, special and holy places. Find out why we believe it is important to have temples here

Due to the large number of attendance at our Institute we offer four classes, the one which I attend is The Life and Teachings of Jesus and his Apostles. We mainly use the Bible accompanied by the Book of Mormon and a teaching manual which is distributed throughout the world through the church and can be bought by anyone. The class you attend is completely up to you and what is on offer in your area, although certain classes are taught throughout the country each year. "According to an independent study, Mormons are among the most knowledgable of the Bible and religion." - Who are the Mormons? (infographic)       

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