Friday, 16 November 2012

Christmas Wishlist

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A tad earlier perhaps? I shall justify myself by it being the end of Halloween and the beginnings of the TV Christmas on slaughter :). My favourite advert so far has to be the John Lewis Snowman journey. I'm not sure when to start making paper snowflakes and buy Christmas decorations... in a week or two? Christmas is one of my absolute favourite holidays, it's up their with Easter and my birthday. I'm so excited to go home and spend this joyous season with my family. As this week is manic with a massive university portfolio deadline coming up I decided to do a simple Christmas Wishlist post. So please excuse my absence.  

The Raffin Shirt Jack Wills 
Jack Wills is a brand I truly love for it's traditional British style, beautiful stores, events and quite simply all that it encompasses. This piece is currently one of their more expensive ladies shirts, yet doesn't obnoxiously scream JACK WILLS. The pheasant logo is stitched into the breast pocket in a subtle shade which offers more to the design than branding. The pattern greatly reminds me of the work of British artist William Morris, creating a classical, autumn aesthetic.   

Lace Trim Ankle Socks Topshop 
Topshop socks are always incredibly exciting with pop patterns, repetition and vibrant colours. Cloaked in childhood nostalgia this back to basics pair adds a doll, cutesy finish, offering a more subtle contribution to your wardrobe.    

Moon Collar Clips Ladybird Likes 
Collar tips are brilliant for personalising and jazzing up any shirt or blouse. While the standardised collar tips are metal triangles outlining the shape of the collar, Ladybird Likes has brought us an array of wooden designs appropriately renamed as clips. A quirky take on the trend, the collection includes hearts, owls and butterflies as well as my favourite the lighter shade of moon. 

Brogue Chelsea Boot So You Shoes 
The Chelsea Boot has arrived in many variations this season, from zips to suede to studs. As I find the traditional style to plain for my personal style I eagerly looked to discover one adorning a brogue style and was delighted upon finding this beauty for a meagre £30.   

Cadbury Wishes Chocolate Star 
Cadbury remains my favourite chocolate brand. Every year I get so excited when supermarkets have the Christmas food aisle. I wonder down inspecting each item with delight and a childlike expression of magical enticement upon my face. These stars are bigger than I first assumed and contain a deliciousness that is half chocolate truffle and half milk Bubbly, coated in the classic Cadbury Dairy Milk. A lovely bonuse is that 10% of the profit goes towards making the magical wishes of children fighting life-threatening illnesses come true. You can even like their facebook page so that they'll personally contribute an extra 10p. For more details check out their website on the link above. They've even brought out an advent calendar this year! I have to get one :D. 

Berry Ice Cream and Mint Green Nail Paints Barry M 
These only cost £2.99 each, actually last longer than a few days and are strong, solid colours. I've chose two pastel shades for every day use, my other favourites are Teal and Ruby. I constantly have my nails painted but have recently been running out. These nail varnishes make a lovely, inexpensive stocking filler. 

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