Saturday, 10 November 2012

Jo & Ethan's Special Day

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This last weekend I travelled to my family home in order to see my close friend Jo wed her lovely hubby Ethan. It was really nice to see my family again and to see many friends as we celebrated this joyous occasion. The wedding was so lovely and sweet, they really did a good job. Not to mention Jo's dress was gorgeous. Often with mormon weddings you find that the dresses are abit standardised and obviously modified to make it in keeping with Mormon clothing standards. Which of course is fine, but it's great when the dress design is already in keeping with said standards or that the modifications look natural and elegant. Jo's dress and bridesmaid dresses where completely like this :), almost as if it was a happy, effortless coincidence. The styling of the bridesmaid dresses was just so Jo. From the nude pumps to the sweet cardigans and pearl necklaces. (They even had sleeves!) 

Before attending the wedding I had guessed that the colour palette would be pastel tones as indicated by the style of the wedding invitations. I was right :). The day was complimented by soft mints, pinks, creams and a scattering of Union Jacks in true British patriotism, the flowers even contained a dash of pearls. I'm really happy that I was able to attend, as many of the YSA from my home ward live scattered across the country for university, it is wonderful when we can see each other and be apart of the special moments.

In countries such as Australia and the United States the Temple Sealing is the legal wedding ceremony, however in England we have both a civil ceremony and the Temple Sealing. The family unit is of massive importance and a key part of God's plan for us to be happy, experience lasting joy and be blessed with a wonderful supportive, learning unit. 

Jo & Ethan got sealed in the London Temple. We are so blessed to have two temples in this country; the Preston Temple (which I only live 15minutes drive away at uni) and the London Temple (while at home it's only an hour drive away)! I am incredibly excited for the temple in Rome to open in 2014, let's face it Rome is a beautiful, incredible city.  There are currently 140 operating mormon temples throughout the world, 14 under construction and another 14 announced. You can find out why we have temples here. Coincidently the happy couple have jetted off to Italy for their honeymoon. Ethan served his mission there and thus is fluent  (at least I expect so) :). 

*the photos where credit has not been given are those I have personally taken

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