Tuesday, 20 November 2012

L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombre Kit No.3

Around this time last year I dip dyed my hair; first purple, then bleached, then sliver. The bleach ended up really damaging my hair and part of it actually fell out making the ends really thin. A year on it's gone, having grown and trimmed away. A combination of summer sun and it's natural colour, my overall hair colour became a light ginger. While watching a programme on 4OD I first saw the advert for the new 'do it at home' ombre kit from L'Oreal. I was really surprised that one had been brought out and had to give it a go. It cost me the introductory price of £4.99 at Superdrug. It comes in three shades for different hair colours, as there's never one for ginger hair I tried to match it up best I could and went for No.3.  

My hair before. Depending on the light it looks blonde or ginger. 

It comes with a plastic brush onto which you're meant to apply the dye solution then brush it onto the lower half of your hair. Depending on the length of hair the instructions recommend where to start brushing, I did mine from around chin level so that it just about covered the ends of my super long fringe. I accidentally mixed the dye solution wrong as I was worried about it exploding as a result of the chemical reaction and the shaking/mixing in the bottle.   I mixed together the developer creme and lightening powder then applied to my hair, it made my hair look wet as opposed to the foam like texture I was expecting and the brush seemed to hold more dye than actually went on my hair. I realised I had missed out the lightening creme and quickly mixed it in the bottle with the remaining solution and applied it to my hair straight from the bottle. Then it was more foamy! I left it on for only about 25-30minutes and it looked pretty light. I didn't want a stark contrast between my hair and the ombre colour, but a gradual tonal change. The remainder of my dip dyed ends have gone a much lighter tone than the rest and I could've definitely left it on longer and got a stronger colour. I may do it again. 

The Outcome

I love the ombre idea as it isn't a complete change of hair colour and thus it doesn't ruin your natural colour or make it difficult to grow out. You'll never have to dye your roots. 

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