Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 Highlights

As it is New Years Eve I certainly needed to post a reflective blog entry. It's been a busy year of university work, a massively long summer, the birth and progression of this blog and lots of lovely people and memories along the way. I've decided to handpick my top five and present those in detail. As with every year I've tried new things, set higher ambitions and built up life experiences. 

Jack Wills Top 25 Summer Seasonnaire (May)

If you're a regular reader or simply know me, you'll know how much I love the British heritage brand Jack Wills. They don't use advertising in the traditional sense but prefer word of mouth, the brand is almost an exclusive discovery appealing to a niche market. They hold events such as Polo, House Parties, the Varsity Rugby match, Secret Garden Party and Apres Ski to name a few. Amongst this strategy they appoint Seasonnaires; brand representatives assigned by season or location. These Seasonnaires live the brand lifestyle of privileged fun, events, clothes and status. 

This summer they held a competition for their two Summer Seasonnaire positions (The Best Summer Job in Great Britain); one boy and one girl from Great Britain to not only be apart of the exclusive Seasonnaire programme in a six week internship, but travel to Nantucket, get £9,000 towards university fees and generally have a brilliant time. In order to get this position you had to compete by entering a minute long application video depicting your suitability to the role and personality. The video then had ten days to get as many public votes as possible, generating the top 25 guys and top 25 girls. Jack Wills then picked their two winners. 

I made it into the top 25 girls!!! I was so happy. It was such an incredible achievement only made possible by all the support and votes I received. Of course I was devastated that I didn't win but the experience taught me valuable skills and it was great fun. It was the first ever video I made, the first time I'd used iMovie and, I think it turned out pretty good :).  

A Weekend in London (July: Original post)

My family home is only an hour away from London so I always consider it a shame that I don't utilise it as much as I could. Over the summer Amelia and I went and stayed with some YSA we had previously met at the Liverpool convention and had a super fun time. First I attended a dance in Hyde Park on the Friday before traveling back on the Saturday to hang out and stay over. We went to China Town, wondered around Regents Street, checked out the beautiful A&F model, attended church and avidly watched the Murray vs Federer Wimbledon match on TV with our strawberries and cream. How English of us. I need to go watch a Wimbledon match live in the near future.  

My Birthday (July: Original post)

Your own birthday is always the best is it not?! My favourite holidays of the year are Christmas, my birthday and Easter. I tend to do the same sort of thing every year and 2012 was no exception. I invited my closest friends out for mocktails and clubbing. Usually I also do a meal but that now tends to be reserved for family. Maybe next year I'll be more adventurous and do something crazy to celebrate. Jenna was unable to attend this year *sob* as she was off working in Paris for the summer. My make up was inspired by the lovely Marina & the Diamonds. 

Spontaneous Holiday to Kos (August: Original post)

Britt and I decided to go on holiday together while sharing a car to Hyde Park, did research, booked it and off we went a week or so later. One of the best decisions ever. We went to the Greek island Kos for a week and it was so beautiful. Everyone was so friendly and accommodating. It turned out we had booked with a young people, party company and thus we had peers to meet, plenty of organised activities, nights out and day trips we could sign up to. It was unbelievably hot; averaging 40°C everyday! And I went on my first ever jet ski which was quite a scary, exhilarating experience as I can't really swim. 

Discovering Yorkshire (October: Original post)

For a YSA Convention in Huddersfield we stayed in Halifax. Yorkshire is apart of England I have never before discovered, sure I'd been to Huddersfield before for church activities but we seemed to always just stay at the chapel or surrounding area then go home. The British countryside is so beautiful. Growing up I would scoff at my parents commentary on sunrises, scenery and nature. Now I appreciate the beauty and make the driver stop so I can snap pictures. It still takes a lot for me to be besotted by certain scenic routes but I certainly have grown to love our country more and feel joy at living in such a beautiful, plush place. When I come home from university and we drive though the countryside to our little town I look at the fields with fresh eyes and love the association with home it brings.  

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