Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas Tag

Happy December! :D 'Tags' are usually done on vlogs however as I don't have one I figured I'd do it on here. 

1) Favourite Christmas movie 
Harry Potter!!!!! It isn't strictly a Christmas movie & I do have the box set, yet whenever it comes on TV I have to watch it. There's just a magic and excitement of being aired on telly.

2) Favourite Christmas Colour
Red :), maybe we should blame Coca-Cola for creating the association of Christmas and the colour red. 

3) Christmas day: Pyjamas or Dress up?
Growing up it was always pyjamas but now I think dress up. I'm tempted to buy a novelty jumper this year. 

4) Opening presents: Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Christmas day in the morning, we wake up to our presents at the end of our beds. We go into each other's rooms and watch one another open them and go through our stockings. 

5) Have you ever built a gingerbread house?
Of course! For the past few years we've made them at either church activities or with my little sisters and friends. Ikea do some great flatpack gingerbread houses. We also have a tradition of baking mince pies, shop bought ones are nasty!  
Myself & Becca 3 years ago :)

6) What do you doing during the Christmas holidays? 
I go to my family home and spend time with them, as I live pretty far away for university it tends to be the first time I get to see them after the summer. I see friends who have also moved away for uni and plan to go to London a few times this year. I'd also love to go to The Making of Harry Potter this holiday season. 

7) Favourite Christmas smell?
Pine (we used to always have a real tree) and a mulled wine (non-alcoholic) drink my mum makes with mixed spices and fresh apples, oh and the smell of an opened tin of Quality Streets.  

9) Favourite Christmas meal or treat?
ALL THE FOOD! I love eating chocolate for breakfast, having a wonderful home cooked feast and gorging myself on all the beautiful desserts. There's a couple of recipes I'm hoping to try over the holidays.

10) Favourite holiday drink?
Hot chocolate. I wish Starbucks did non-caffine versions of the 'red cups' as they sound super tasty. Costa gets my money as they do a pretty good Black Forest Hot Chocolate. *Why don't Mormons drink tea or coffee* You can see this year's Costa Christmas campaign here. Also this year there is a Honeycomb Hot Chocolate (!!!) I'll be trying that beauty.

11) What is top of your Christmas list?
I'd love a proper camera (a DSLR or something), although I'd make sure I learn how to use it properly. (I know how expensive they are and in no shape or form expect to get one.)

12) Favourite Christmas song?
As I haven't listened to any in a year, so I'll go with Christmas Carols :) I can't wait to start singing them at church. 

13) What's most important to you about the holidays?
Family, celebrating Jesus' birthday and having a lovely rest. 

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  1. I may not be converted to enjoying the Christmas season yet, but this is a good post! :) x

    1. Yay! :D I'll convert you yet! Xx


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