Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Through the Enchanted Forest

I'm home for Christmas!!! Today my Mother and I went Christmas shopping in Milton Keynes and had a lovely Costa date, I of course had the Black Forest Hot Chocolate as my seasonal drink and she tried the new Honeycomb Hot Chocolate, which we both decided tasted abit weird. The Black Forest is delicious, the sauce on top really makes it. There is also a Hot Chocolate cupcake currently on sale that looks scrummy. I much prefer Costa to Starbucks as it has much more non tea and coffee options *Mormons: Healthy Lifestyle*  It always feels abit weird going back to MK as it's the place I have lived longest in, however as my family moved house once again when I was 17 to a nearby town I now tend to only go to MK either to specifically see people or for the shops. Even for those my Mother much prefers to go to High Wycombe or Oxford. 

Silk scarf, cable knit jumper & pink leggings: all H&M!

We stopped by Asda to pick up some Christmas food and I got massively side tracked by their new 'Disney Store' section! The pure glee on my face! I had no idea they were introducing this and frolicked around enjoying the childhood delight. My pictures focus on the Disney Princess section as it was the most captivating to me. I'm not even a typical, all Disney loving stereotyped girl, I simply love the world they create in their stores and theme parks. A world of magic and merriment. As my mother rejoined me I bounced over to her proclaiming "Take a picture of me in the princess throne!" while cheerily dancing around the store singing quite badly on account of a delightful sore throat. Isn't it just so good to be home! 

I have recently adopted the red lip look for a more everyday approach as inspired by the gorgeous and lovely youtuber Zoella. I use Rimmel London's Kiss & Stay Lipgloss in English Rose which amazingly does what it says on the tin. One thing I strongly dislike about wearing fun lip colours is the effort of maintenance.

I've come across the new Furby quite a lot and was initially shocked by the price. The cheapest I've seen thus far was at Asda for £55 which can be purchased in pink here. As a child I had a white and pale pink Furby which I remember being a soft toy, yet as technology has come on leaps and bounds the new model has tons of amazing features. After reading a review on Xiaxue's blog I was throughly impressed and won over by the new model, only still wishing it was cheaper due to my lowly student budget. It'd be so fun to own one. They seem such cute, interactive, little pets with minimal looking after yet still up for an adorable chat in their own language 'Furbish'. Pink would definitely be my colour of choice. On that note, you may have noticed my pastel pink ends have faded considerably :(. For which you can see my original hair tutorial here      

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