Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Adventure We Call Life

I've started to more actively use mfacebook page. Go on, give it a like ;). 

1) Studying hard in the library, researching for an essay on taste subjectivity 
2) The Trafford Centre food court entrance 
3) The Trafford Centre food court ceiling 
4) Homemade mince pie bought from the university's Fine Art Christmas Market. It was delicious! 
5) Slow shutter speed light photo myself & Michelle created at a recent YSA activity 
6) Herbal Twinings tea to combat the freezing northern weather
7)  Dolled up for a 'pre-Christmas holidays' house night out
8) McDonalds Christmas Quality Street Fudge McFlurry 
9) University Performing Arts Building: a converted church 

As I've been super busy lately I thought I'd share one of those 'instagram collage' type posts :). I don't actually have instagram as there's something wrong with my phone that prevents me from downloading or opening certain apps and I just haven't sent it off to get fixed. However this doesn't stop me from snapping the occasional phone photo. December is a lovely time of joy, Christmas, and Christian spirit. Along with this also comes the fun times of university deadlines, revision for those with January exams and freezing cold weather. I currently have lots of deadlines looming so have spent a fair few evenings with my work spread out across my bed while watching rubbish tv.  

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