Tuesday, 11 December 2012

How To Ombre With Pastel Pink Dipdye

After some hair experimentation I have become a My Little Pony, unicorn, rainbow hybrid :D. I love fantasy and quite like how this has turned out. I wasn't entirely sure how it'd work out and have been considering doing something different for a while. For roughly four years I used to dye my hair constantly, however after embracing my natural ginger tones I have refrained from doing so in recent years. Besides maintaining hair dye can be such an effort. So in probably the past 2 years the most exciting thing I've done is bleach and colour dip dying; the bleach really ruined my ends. You can still see the tinie tiny remains of the bleach in the before picture. I've also tried L'Oreal's Preference Wild  Ombre Kit, the review for which can be seen here
A friend has recently dyed her hair lilac with a turquoise dip dye and it looks AMAZING, and so I figured it'd give dip dying another shot. She introduced me to a new find; a pastel dye range by SmartBeauty sold at our new, local Savers store for only £2.99! I stood in the small, claustrophobic aisle for ages trying to decided between Candy Floss and a shade of lilac. Even ringing my best friend to help me know what to do! When I'm by myself in stores I always take ages making decisions, I must look like a weirdo staring at the same shelf for so long. 

The instructions make super clear that you must bleach or pre lighten your hair before hand to get the best results. Knowing this from previous experience I bought another packet of the L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombre Kit No.3. My previous attempt seemed to fade very quickly, although I account this to my mixing it wrong. The process is explained in my previous post here

After going through the ombre dying process (I actually used the lil brush this time!) wash the dye out but do not use the post-dye conditioner. The pastel dye specifically states to only use a clarifying shampoo before application. I just used the clear Pantene shampoo I happened to already have :). Use a hair dryer and make sure it's completely dry, try to retrain from brushing at this point as your hair is much weaker due to the bleach and prone to breakage. Don't use any styling products either as it may interfere with the end colour. I simply tipped my head upside down and blitzed on the highest heat settings for five minutes. 
Once dry you can now brush it through, this makes it easier for you to apply the pastel colour just where you want. Section off the top and use an old towel (and tshirt) as the pastel dye stains clothing and furniture. However it does claim to come out with household bleach. You can see where the ombre has lightened the majority of my hair, even creating a line or divide in tone. 

 Pastel Time
The kit is so easy and straight forward, nothing to mix simply dye, brush and gloves. The box itself is so cute! I'm really impressed someone has finally brought out a pastel range, so many companies are missing out on this market. For application the dye needs to be squeezed out onto a surface. I quite like eating out of all my bowls and plates and so used a sandwich bag :). Worked fine. The dye reminded me a lot of a tube of paint, well without the chemical smell. 
Using the provided brush apply to your sectioned hair where ever you like. I used the whole tube just for my ends and I know my friend used two tubes to do her lilac and turquoise look. As it's so cheap just buy as many as you think you'll need depending on desired outcome, thickness and length of hair. Cover the dyed ends with cling film or foil, I actually used the gloves provided and used clips to seal them onto my hair. I forgot to wear them and often find them too hot and annoying. However I do recommend wearing gloves. I have dyed my hair many times and have no allergies, yet this is not to say one day one of these dyes might make my hands fall off. Also be careful with the dye, I got some on my t shirt and it made a lovely baby pink line. Hopefully you'll pin your towel together before applying the dye. Wait between 10-30 minutes and wash off until the water runs clear. Personally my water didn't turn pink at all and as the dye contains a conditioner you don't need to put any on. I went on to dry once again with a hairdryer.      
Ta Da!!!! 
(and surprisingly it feels lovely and smooth with minimal damage)

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