Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Personally I feel that the Christmas season is from the start of the school holidays right until New Years Eve. Well it starts at the beginning of December really but university deadlines prevent the joy from fully setting in. Today is my Boxing Day as I've only eaten copious amounts of chocolate, chilled in pyjamas and shall be going to see The Hobbit with my family shortly. Yesterday we had my Mum's side of the family over, so as you can imagine it was extremely busy with lots of children running about the place.  

Christmas Day was so lovely. My Mum woke us up at 6am! Apparently she was up at 5am and was just too excited to wait any longer. After going through all the family opening their presents (Santa delivers ours to the end of our beds) and emptying our stockings we all understandably went back to bed for a few hours. A day of family time, gorgeous, delicious food (e.g. homemade, M&S goodies and massives of Shloer). Being Mormon and thus not drinking our celebration drink tends to be Shloer. I honesty can't imagine people being drunk on Christmas, it'd be such a shame not to remember it. I also had an incredibly exciting Glitter Berry J2O for the first time, it looked so cute! I also heard this preposterous rumour that American don't have Christmas crackers!!!!!! What is this madness?! Happy Holidays everyone and feel free to indulge in prolonging this joyful Christmas season. :) 

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