Sunday, 23 December 2012

Vintage Christmas Jumper | Fashion

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Vintage Christmas Cardigan Wonderland Vintage Boutique £22 | White tee (worn backwards) F&F at Tesco | High Waisted Jeans, Worker Boots & Faux Snakeskin Bag; River Island | Bowler Hat Topshop £25

But it is a cardigan not a jumper! How dare you lie to us! Merry Christmas Eve Eve lovelies :D. Are you super excited?! I certainly am. Tomorrow I'm baking mince pies with the fam (hopefully some gingerbread also), generally preparing for Christmas dinner and extremely getting into the festive spirit. I promise to take lots of photos :) and have some up coming blog posts in mind. 

This lovely piece of vintage is the closest I have to a Christmas jumper and thus I thought it would be suitable to bring home and wear over the holiday season. The clasps are intricately detailed and the garment is made with real wool therefore is incredibly thick in comparison to high street wears. Mother and I did further Christmas shopping, this time at the new retail park in Milton Keynes next to the stadium. It is a lovely addition to the city, sporting large stores such M&S, Outfit, River Island, H&M and MK's first ever Primark! The Primark in itself is much nicer, less jumbled and appearing more up market when compared to their other outlets I have visited. 

This cheeky hat is actually a Christmas present but Mother allowed me to take a few snaps in it before she whisked it away out of sight. I've been after a bowler hat for a while but only just decided to take the plunge and own one. I feel like a proper little blogger now. Previously I'd seen some cheaper versions but couldn't find any (unless you resort to online) and thus we purchased this baby from Topshop for £25. Abit steep for a hat but it is Christmas after all.  

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