Saturday, 28 December 2013

A Different Kind of Advent Calender

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Merry, merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you've all had a super wonderful time this holiday season and have exciting plans for NYE. 

I have absolutely loved being home. My family, the feel of our home, the peace and time I've had to recharge, ponder, study, feel the Holy Spirit and recieve answers to many questions. However being in the final year of my degree, I still have work to be doing and a great many things to look forward to.

While being home I have had the opportunity to be with some of the Young Single Adults from my home stake, it's both odd and wonderful to see how much it has changed. How many friends are currently serving voluntary missions for the LDS church and how many are married or moved away to university, and how many new faces there are! 

Throughout December the YSA have been taking it in turns to each create a short video bearing their personal testimony of our Saviour Jesus Christ as a beautiful and uplifting countdown to Christmas. The videos were posted on the Stake YSA facebook page and acted as a wonderful reminder of the 'reason for the season'. Initially I thought only the YSA Leaders were creating videos, until I was asked to make one. Creating a short video in one take certainly is a strange experience but I enjoyed sharing my testimony. While I gave some thought to what I would say before hand, I decided not to plan too much and let the Holy Spirit guide me in what I said. The video or 'Mormon Message' I refer to in my testimony can be watched here.

“With so many social media resources and a multitude of more or less useful gadgets at our disposal, sharing the good news of the gospel is easier and the effects more far-reaching than ever before.” 
Second Counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 

*Sorry for the video being so small!!! I uploaded it directly to blogger (it's not actually available on youtube), and I don't know how to make it larger on here...

Friday, 29 November 2013

Celebrating Six Months of Happiness

Tomorrow marks six months since Bernie and I started dating. Half. A. Year! Time seems to go so quickly! While we didn't want to be one of those cringey couples that celebrate things like a three month anniversary, we decided that half a year of happiness was certainly something we wanted to celebrate!

With the masses of uni work and Bernard working weekends, we very rarely get a day to ourselves. We started dating at the beginning of summer when we had ample time to take days off to explore nearby cities and random locations. Each time an adventure and discovery of getting to know each other. So to mark six months we took the day to go to Manchester for the Christmas Markets, have one of our favourite meals (Mega Chicken Katsu Curry at Yo Sushi) and watch the new Hunger Games movie (which is brilliant). 

Neither of us had ever been to the Manchester Christmas Markets, and as this is my final year at university it very likely to be my last year living near enough to travel to visit them. There were so many market stalls in clusters all around the centre, each trading out of quaint lodge style sheds. Decorated with chalkboard signs, lights and Christmas novelties. With over 300 stalls, the majority selling authentic foods from across Europe e.g. from the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Hungary and France. 

Alongside Christmas gifts, trinkets and charity fundraisers. We saw a beautiful Christmas tree for Macmillan Cancer Support, covered in handwritten wishes on brown gift tags. Detailing heartfelt wishes such as love and support for family members, wishing to get a mortgage for a home that can be passed on, prayers for those in Heaven and generic Christmas well wishes. With each wish added to the tree the individual pays £1 towards the charity. Seeing the beautiful messages made me feel such a love for people I had never seen, never mind met. Wishing that they had the power of pray and comfort of the Holy Ghost in their lives. 

It certainly was a lovely, lovely day. It's funny to compare how we are now with how we were when we first started dating. How things change and how much we appreciate each other and our relationship. While we love day trips and making time to do activities, there is something so wonderful about cuddling up and watching a TV series. 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Feels like Home

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One of my sisters & I 

This past weekend I had the lovely opportunity to visit my family :). As my university city is almost 200 miles away, it was the first time visiting since the summer holidays. I am so grateful to have such a lovely family, home and house. Growing up we would often have friends comment on the 'feel' of our home and how it was different. I of course took it for granted and didn't quite know what they were talking about. 

Now in my final year of university and having thus lived away from home for almost three years, I completely know what they mean. Our family home is filled with love, security, support and most vitally, the Holy Spirit. 

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart troubled, neither let it be afraid." John 14:27

Simply being there I begin to feel different. More content, removed from the 'world', a deeper sense of happiness, in-tune with the Spirit and in turn personal revelation. Such a wonderful relief from the stresses of final year and constantly being surrounded by the cultural British university lifestyle.   

Recently Bernard and I were invited to dinner at our Senior Missionaries home (a married couple from America who have volunteered for eighteen months to serve both the people of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and all in the geographical Manchester Mission. They also run a wonderful blog where they record their mission experiences here). Being in their home is so wonderful. It reminds me so strongly of my family home and the incredible importance of creating a climate of spirituality, peace and joy where we all live. Difficult to create sometimes I know. 

Last year I was assigned to give a Talk in a church sacrament meeting about creating a Christ centred home as a Young Single Adult. Highly relevant (Heavenly Father definitely knows what he is doing). A few things I find helpful are often the obvious answers given e.g personal prayer, building a relationship with Heavenly Father (he is so unfathomably incredible), studying scriptures, striving to keep the commandments with a cheerful heart and a glad spirit, and listening to classical music. The reason these answers are given so often are because they truly work!! Nothing compares to a personal witness of the Saviours love, a relationship with him and truly knowing and living his doctrine.        

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Birthday Mission

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Saturday was my lovely boyfriend's birthday! Growing up my mum always made a point to make ours very special, instilling a great love of birthdays in my heart. Yet Bernard doesn't share this opinion and wasn't too thrilled at the prospect of me making a fuss of his. Silllyyyy :D. 

Being a poor student, I wanted to make it a super lovely day for him but couldn't afford much. He was also at work for the majority of the day, and so 'Mission Birthday' was born. I wanted to steal away his keys and 'decorate' his room with balloons and goodies. The boy is such a stealth that I had to out rightly ask for them "I'm going to ask you a request you cannot question. Can I have your keys..? For the day." He looked concerned :). 

We spent the morning together, I sneakily made him homemade English pancakes with his favourite toppings and, we attended a wonderfully spiritually uplifting baptism. Off he went to work and I set to work on his surprise with Michelle. Getting harassed by chavs, buying out Hobbycraft, icing the delicious 'Cookies & Cream' (Oreo) cupcakes I'd baked the day previous and transporting loads of stuff to his home.   

I let him in after work and loved seeing his face light up with joy. It was definitely a great birthday.   

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Brownie Battles

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As a university student I am blessed with a crazy FOUR MONTH summer holiday. However as I graduate next summer, I wanted to make this the best one yet and filled it with so many fun, worthwhile things. Namely working for two months, a two week trip to Sweden (including a visit to Denmark), training and being an EFY/SMYC Youth Counsellor, a three week Design Internship in London and a visit to Preston, leaving me only two, two week visits at my family home. I love my family dearly and while I'm only here for roughly two weeks I decided to baked lots of goodies for them before I disappear back to university! So in the last week I have baked Sophia a Carrot Cake for her thirteenth birthday, a Red Velvet cake because I wanted to see if it would actually be as red as it claimed and some brownies! 

Baking is such a relaxing, fun and delicious use of time. And it brings joy to others! *super bonus* However whenever I've tried to make brownies in the past they always turn into molten lava. No idea why. Cakes = beautifully yummy. Brownies = syrup. Why I cry?! Almost giving into the M&S packet mix which is sure to be incredible. I held out. Yet as I went to the local shop with Crystal to buy goodies, I crumble upon seeing so much chocolate on offer and *quickly* (struggling with 3G) google a Brownie recipe on our phones. Purchasing a bar of Cadbury Oreo, Milkybar and eggs, the plan took root. 

Considering brownies always fail me, you'd think I would follow a recipe carefully. Lies. I took the first recipe I found (from the BBC) and skimmed through it, changing things as I went along. The recipe took ages, but man did they smell and taste divine. 

BBC Best Ever Brownies - Kiera Edition

185g unsalted butter
100g Cadbury Oreo Chocolate Bar
100g Milkybar 
85g self-raising flour
40g cocoa powder
3 large eggs
275g mixture of golden caster sugar and muscovado sugar

  1. Preheat oven to: fan 160C/conventional 180C/gas 4. Use a shallow (20cm) tin and either line with baking paper or spread margarine/butter and dust with flour.
  2. Fill a small saucepan with water and bring to the boil. Rest a glass bowl over the water, ensuring it does not touch the surface. Fill the bowl with all the butter cut into small cubes, 40g (broken) Cadbury Oreo and 40g (broken) Milkybar. Stir as they melt. Remove glass bowl from saucepan and leave to cool to room temperature.  
  3. In a separate mixing bowl break the eggs and combine with all the sugar using an electric whisk until the mixture pales dramatically in colour and becomes the consistency of a milkshake. This takes quite a while, so electric whisk is best! Once it's thick enough to leave a 'trail' on the surface for a few seconds it is done.
  4. The butter/chocolate mixture should now be cool. Pour it into the mixing bowl and gently fold into the egg/sugar mixture. Be gentle, this is a lovely spongey brownie and it needs air. Fold under and over the mixture, bringing the two together. 
  5. Sieve the flour and cocoa powder into the mixture and continue gently folding the mixture together (the original recipe says to use a rubber spatular but I found a wooden spoon worked fine). The folding takes a while, but keep going! It should look an intense chocolate colour, be a dense, fudgey consistency and smell wicked.
  6. Chop the remaining chocolate into chunks and evenly mix in.
  7. Pour the mixture into the prepared tin, spreading it gently across and place in the oven for 25mins. Once cooked it should not wobble and a knife may be used to test the brownies, it should come away clear or with cake crumbs (not mixture!).  
  8. Cut into desired shapes/sizes, dish up and sprinkle with icing sugar! Now eatttt :D 

 *Next time I would use more Milkybar chunks

Sunday, 18 August 2013

EFY as a Counselor!

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This year I have been blessed with the wonderful opportunity to be a Counselor at EFY!!!! And can safely say it was one of the best experiences of my life.

EFY (called SMYC this year) is a week long programme for 14-18yr olds held at a university run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). I was fortunate enough to attend three times as a youth(!), at the ages of 14, 16 and 17. Personally each time became a milestone in building my own testimony of the Gospel and a progression towards greater happiness. For years I could not wait to return as a 'Counselor' (Youth Leader) and am so insanely grateful I have!

The week is a mixture of educational, spiritual, uplifting workshops, lessons, 'dances' (parties), social activities and service projects (charity work).  Our session was run for the youth of the Leeds, Scotland and Ireland geographical 'missions' and had an attendance of over 700 youth! As a Counsellor it was my responsibility to help, look after, support, teach and befriend ten girls 24/7, along with my coco (Co-Counselor) Peter and his eight boys. Our group or 'Company' was entitled Press Forward, taken from the scripture in 2 Nephi 31:20 in The Book of Mormon:

"Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life." 

The youth are so inspiring. Their testimonies, spirit, desire to do the Lord's work, their laughter and friendship. They are incredible! I feel so honoured to be apart of their lives and help them in anyway I can. I truly love serving the Lord and helping people. Many have asked whether EFY was better as a Youth or a Counselor and after lots of contemplating I think being a Counselor was far better. My perceptive changed, I felt more selfless, more focused, allowing the Spirit to guide me and teach them in the way they need. My eyes were opened in so many ways and I feel such an incredible love for all the youth, especially my Company. I strongly encourage everyone to have this experience and let your lives be touched by the greatness of our Youth. I truly love them. 

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Happiness and Direction

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"Two years is a time for me to give back, for I owe each breath that I breathe. It's only a small thing when you look at eternity." 

I feel so incredibly blessed. My life is wonderful. Having lacked internet presence for a fair while and gaining so much joy from reading blogs of friends, especially Jo telling us about her adventure of life with her hubby, I feel I should really start blogging again :).  

Another year of university has drawn to a close opening up an incredible four month summer of which I have so far been working at a job I massively enjoy in marketing and staying in my university city. I really feel like I have created a little life for myself here. I love being busy and enjoy the flexibility of working and having the sociality of student life. I also have plans to attend a international Young Single Adult convention in Sweden early July then travel around the country exploring their architecture, culture and generally having new experiences. I am so incredibly excited! Sweden is apart of Europe I have never visited and I'm lucky enough to be going with a friend who served his mission there! Furthermore John freaking Bytheway will be speaking at the convention!!!   

I'm also going to be an EFY (Especially for Youth) Counsellor!!! (Now called SMYC: Special Multistake Youth Conference) Having attended EFY as a youth three times I can truly testify of how incredible it is. It changes lives. To feel the love of the Lord and have so many spiritual experiences with so many friends and peers is astounding. It is difficult to put into words how amazingly uplifting and faith fortifying of an experience it is. If anyone is debating whether to go I seriously encourage it! I cannot wait to serve my adopted little sisters, to draw closer to the Lord together and gain deeper understanding of his gospel. To be an instrument in the Lord's hands to give them the best possible experience they personally need. 

My perspective is becoming much more refined. I feel direction in what I need to do and fear just melts away. I am so grateful for all that I have, the opportunities, the clarity of Heavenly Father's love, the doctrine, the church, friends, family, church members, everything. I have recently joined the facebook page 'Many are called... but few are sisters' (see Doctrine & Covenants 121:34) it is a community of female members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that are considering serving a mission, putting in their papers (application), received their mission call, mothers of these girls, etc. The content is so uplifting. I love the support and righteous power conveyed through their words of love, fellowship, support and spiritual upliftment. It is a glorious thing.   

Friday, 10 May 2013

Summer Dreaming | Fashion

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 Moto Lilac Jeans Topshop £36  Hong Kong Heels Asos £45| Unicorn Onsie Topshop £36 | Pink Stripe Bikini Topshop £28 | Hot Pink Longline Bikini Topshop £25 

I have finished my second year of university!!!! It's crazy to think I only have one year left until I graduate and have a degree. But in the mean time the summer holidays are upon us!! (Minus the poor weather) Saying that I did actually get a lovely bit of *colour while in Bristol over the weekend (..sunburn), I love it as I feel all holidayish. While making summer plans and organising holidays I have of course been massively distracted by internet window shopping. 

1. Topshop currently has a gorgeous range of high waisted pastel jeans! I would seriously love to have them all as my wardrobe is constantly adored with all things high waisted and Spring pallets. I never know what to do with low waisted styles *bottom half of my top just chilling about.. what are this?!*

2. Soho styled, metal cuffed heels have persuaded me away from my dislike of strappy heels, although I'm still unsure of the low height of these babies I can't help but dream up cute outfits of the chic and classy variety.  


4. While swimwear shopping I find it super difficult to find one with a decent top half, this bikini not only offers a wonderfully vintage, pastel candy feel but also great shape and coverage.

5. Anyone say high waisted? Could I resist, would I even want too?! More covering and flattering than the standard bikini by accentuating the toned upper midriff. Similar to the brightly coloured American Apparel Malibu one piece in tone yet more affordable.  

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

London! Playing Tourist and Mormon Missionaries

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While home for Easter I popped to London for the day, Amelia's friend Lena came over from Sweden giving us a lovely opportunity to take her around London's touristy places.  So together with our lovely friend Kashmir we were all set for a great play day. Although my family home is pretty close to the Great City, I've never really gone solely for the tourist aspect. 

From watching the Change of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, to Covent Garden, attempted bike rides, seeing Marc Quinn's blood head in the National Gallery, Egyptian and Greek artefacts at the British Museum, an ice cream lunch at the Leicester Square Haggen-Dasz Cafe, Trafalgar Square, St Paul's Cathedral, the Harry Potter Bridge, watching the Saturday General Conference session at the Hyde Park Chapel (an infographic explaining what is General Conference can be seen here) and a cheeky Nandos at Oxford Circus, we certainly had a fun packed day! It was so lovely to spend time with one another as with our busy lives and my moving to northland for university, it is a rare occurrence. The sun even peaked out to say hello and shine on us as I failed to ride a bike on the busy streets and ended up in the middle of a road and crashing into a small kiosk store :') oops. 

I absolutely love to marvel at the beauty of architecture and throughly enjoyed the serenity inside the British Museum (the cream column and domed glass ceiling photos above), wondering aloud whether heaven would look like this. Of course getting the crowd pleasing answer that heaven will look different to everyone ;) thanks for that Kashmir. I couldn't believe how awe inspiring and simply huge St Paul's Cathedral is. Photos simply do not do it justice. Hiding along the columns and standing in front of the huge doors I felt transported to the temple in Disney's Hercules yet with more splendour and artistic ideology. Luckily I managed to catch the last train home, ending the day with a lovely white hot chocolate. I even spotted a man wearing sunglasses on the tube! Seriously?! We're underground... 

Amelia has just got her mission call to the Australia Sydney North Mission!!!! I'm so ridiculously excited for her and know she'll make a great missionary. What a wonderful area to be assigned too, serving the people and labouring for the Lord for a whole eighteen months. Wish I was going ;). The lucky lady will also get to train at the Provo Missionary Training Centre! She's even started a mission blog which you can check out here. Since the age change last October it's been incredible too see so many of my friends strive for missionary service and get their call. To learn more about our church you can check us out at where you can chat to missionaries online, watch videos, read about what we believe and why we're such a happy people! 

Enlarged version here

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Easter Snow | Fashion

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 Denim Jacket The Ragged Priest  | Worker Boots River Island Snood Borrowed | Long Black Tee Primark |  Unicorn Cropped Tee Topshop

I simply cannot believe the weather, it seems the world is going topsy turvy. Snow in March!!! The poor daffodils are struggling to bloom and we should be sunbathing and eating lunch out in the garden. Instead it's blankets, heating and lazy days indoors. I'm staying in my family home as it's now the Easter holidays :D, one of my absolutely favourite times of the year. Due to all the wonderful chocolate and of course the actual reason we have Easter. I'm definitely not ashamed to say I've been taking full advantage of my Creme Egg fling and have bought lots of Easter goodies, even indulging in a cross bun loaf which both smelt and tasted frigging delicious! 

Braving the garden to take shots for a university project I thought I'd actually take some outfit and general garden shoots at the same time. A simple, generic everyday outfit both comfortable and easy to throw together. I still love my Ragged Priest jacket I managed to snap up cheaply while shopping in Manchester months ago, perfect for slouching with a touch of tie dye and studs. Currently lusting over their Candy Sweat! Studs and pastel combinations are forever a win. 

We're celebrating Easter on Good Friday as my Dad works away and thus our fun, chocolate eating joy will be blissfully prolonged and throughly had :). I wish you all a lovely Easter season full of chocolate, spring roasts, reflection and love of the atonement. 

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sweet Sixteen | Fashion

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 Pink Blazer Topshop  Grey Midi Dress Matalan | Faux Litas Forever 21 Collar Necklace Topshop Pastel Pink Satchel Matalan | Tights Primark | Pink Skinny Belt Primark 

I was given this pink blazer for my sixteenth birthday, which is crazy to think was almost four years ago! Ever since starting university I've brought with me almost all of my clothes, a silly decision really as I have so many. Only recently have I decided to sort through them properly and seperate what I actually wear, what I should wear and those I want to give to my younger sisters or sell (que upcoming blog sale). Of the pieces I want to start wearing again includes this lovely piece. As Spring is settling in and a desire to smarten up my new jersey dress for church I decided to give the plucky coloured piece a whirl once again.  

Life has been super exciting as of late. I've started a lovely marketing internship and have multiple university projects on the go, one of which we're shooting early this week and of course lots of Easter chocolate to consume before the ever looming end of our beloved Easter season for another year. It's strange to think my baby blog will soon be a year old! I hope you've been enjoying our journey together as much as I have and that we'll endeavour further down this road together. 

It you do enjoy my blog it would mean the world to me if you were to nominate my little internet world into the Company Style Blogger Awards whether if be for ‘Best Personal Style Newcomer Blog Award’ or any other category you feel appropriate. 

Friday, 8 March 2013

Passion For Fashion Spring/Summer

You may remember way back in September Money Supermarket held a fashion competition for bloggers (you can check out my entry here). I was delighted to receive an email informing me that they're holding another competition for Spring/Summer! The competition is simple, create three looks each under £200 for each style category. Casual, Beach/Holiday and Party. Each category can be interpreted however you wish to suit your individual style and any trends you're lusting after. There are three lovely judges, one for each category, the winners for each receive £200 towards their beautiful outfits. The super lucky overall winner receives £1,000 towards their dream wardrobe!!! 

Moon Dance T-Shirt Dress Finders Keeps £95 | Cat Ears Bowler Hat Miss Guided £14.99 | Scallop Trim Satchel Asos £22 | Penelope Nude Loafer Office £65

I first spied this incredible t-shirt dress on Pinterest and have been hunting it down ever since. It's such an effortless, laid back piece perfect for lounging around on summer days, popping into university or a casual day at the office. As it's so wonderful (and pretty pricey) it only needs a few accessorises. I've chosen some nude loafers that compliment the peachy tones and a traditional satchel, often associated with the more formal I find satchels a stylish, on hand piece for any look. Finished off with a twist on this seasons favourite bowler hat, cheekily spouting cat ears adding a flare of personality. 

Pastel Blue Embellished Bikini Top River Island £17 | High Waisted Marble Bikini Bottoms River Island £12 | Swallow Trim Sunglasses Topshop £20 | Denim Daze Backpack Nasty Gal £41.30 | Tie Dye Tunic Miss Guided £11.99 | Konnie Cage Shoes Topshop £42

How many times do we find a bikini and only like one half?! Pattern clashing is such a fun solution. As the tunic has cut outs, the high waisted bottoms will peak through, adding depth to the look and a hint of the global traveler trend. While on holiday I always want my hands free so I can explore and embark on local adventures, making a lightweight backpack a suitable companion. This acid wash piece pulls together the pastel tones and offers plenty of pockets to separate your camera and beach towel. 

 Clear Clear Box Clutch Nasty Gal £54.01 | Cosmic Lita Jeffrey Campbell £102.93| Whole Lotta Rosie Headband in Lilac Crown and Glory £20 |Rose Opal Spike Ring Topshop £2.50 Jersey Midi Dress Matalan £12

Release your inner Florence with this floaty midi dress teamed with long wavy hair and the incredible Lotta Rosie headband from Crown and Glory, reviving femininity through flower power, taking inspiration from the era of the hippies. Of course this look wouldn't be complete without a kick of modern day hipster, Jeffrey Campbell designs such awe inspiring shoes and the Cosmic Litas are no exception. I am ridiculously thrilled stores have started to once again stock this particular design. Clear clutches were all the range in past months, having previously appeared on the catwalk shows such as Dior and Chanel. Adding to the minimalistic side of the look, yet creating an intriguing take on utility.  

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Pastel Hues | Fashion

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Lace Dress worn as top Dorothy Perkins | Mint Skirt and Pink Skinny Belt H&M | Black Tights Primark | Assorted Bracelets Claires and Republic 

Anything pastel and I'm instantly drawn to it. I'll pay a pound or more extra for any cosmetic/toiletry product just because the packaging is pink or doll-like which doesn't sound like much but if I'm buying a haul worth of stuff it definitely all adds up. Silly me, the appeal is simply too much! Is it finally acceptable to officially proclaim the arrival of Spring?! While taking these pictures it was surprisingly warm, the sunshine is a rare sight in the north west and it's just so beautiful. Throughout winter I constantly lather on the delicate, pastel tones and avoid owning too many black clothing items. If it's ever a choice between a plain black or white tee, I'll go for white every time. I'm so pale and find the lighter tones compliment my skin far more, while making me feel lovely and feminine. Recently I've been using Super Sun In on my hair in an attempt to make it a lighter, more nature tone of blonde. The bottom half has been ombre-ed and thus it blends up to my lighter ginger tones. I dislike bleaching or heavily dying my hair as I've had so many years experience I realise how much it damages it and the absolute hassle of maintaining roots and thus have so far decided to go with the more gradual method of using such a heat activated spray. Saying that I may get too inpatient and reach for the dye bottle once more. I teamed this outfit with my lovely lita style, black crochet shoes from Forever 21, it's just a shame I didn't get them in the shot and as they don't seem to be on the website you'll simply need to imagine them :). 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A Taste of the Country

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This semester I have the least amount of timetabled hours in education since the start of my schooling, I love to be busy and can't wait for my new exciting job to start so I have much more fulfilling things to do with my spare time rather than be bored out of my mind. So I decided to explore my student living area, discovering a local park. It's quite lovely with a countryside feel, full of nostalgia reminding me of my childhood in Ireland and country walks we traditionally take whenever we have an extended family gathering. It was fun to wonder around and smile to myself at the notion of all the local dog walkers and families, feeling the most sense of community spirit since moving here. The first time owning a pair of Hunter wellies really appealed to me for the practical aspect rather than simply for the trendy, festival, British element. It's just a shame they're so expensive! If you follow me on instagram, you've already seen these photos :). I've gone abit instaddicted and  unashamedly loving it. 
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