Thursday, 17 January 2013

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It's so cold right now! Wearing all these layers and it's still freezing. Jenna and I were walking around Birmingham huddled up with me singing about how cold it was. After popping back to uni after Christmas I have decided to wear all my clothes a lot more rather than just stick to a few, I have so many it's slightly ridiculous (well almost). Three unicorns graced us with their company that day, all coincidently from Topshop. I think outfit posts should include those we wear all bundled up against the cold, it can be difficult to layer and not become a mass of cloth. I absolutely love my knitwear collection but all those little holes are rubbish for keeping out the icy wind and thus I insulated with my favourite Jack Wills hoodie; it worked a treat

The JW sale has ended meaning the new season collection is here *yay*. I'm always SO tempted to buy the gorgeous cable knit jumpers every time I visit a store or look online, the new ones are lovely. The cable pattern is more narrow and there are even a few stripy colours to choose from! My favourites are the ivory with pheasant logo in pink, and the ivory and grey stripy one. You can check them out here. They also do a mens range. If I met a man dressed in the beautiful JW British heritage attire I think I'd fall in love ;).

With the sale cable knits still being £50 and the new season £69.50 it'd have to be a special treat on my student budget, however they do offer 15% university student discount in store. I already have at least three different cable knit items in my wardrobe :). Being one of my absolute favourite brands it was only fitting we took some outfit shots outside the store. I wish we had one in my university city, I'd be ridiculously overjoyed and enthusiastic to work for them. These photos show my ombre hair really well. It's blonde from roughly chin level with my natural light ginger colouring on top. The ends have a more peachy tone from when I dyed them pink. I hope everyone is wrapped up warm and enjoying the potential snow! 

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