Saturday, 19 January 2013

Health and Indulgence Haul

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Pastel Teacup Measuring Cups M&S £5
One of my 2013 goals is to get super toned, be fit and generally eat better. This I'm hoping to achieve through doing the Insanity fitness programme; they have a nutrition guide alongside an intense workout schedule. This past semester I've been really lazy with my cooking and have gone for the 'stick something in the oven' or pasta option. The guide is really good as the recipes are handed to you (I don't have to stress over deciding what to eat). Most of the measurements are the American 'cups' meaning I can either flaf about constantly converting or buy some measuring cups. The ones I found weren't as cheap as I'd have liked, but these super cute teacup style ones stole my heart and as they were priced the same as the more bland designs, I had to go for them. They look like a child's tea set :).    

Fitness Trainers Nike £36.99 
The last time I bought trainers was for Physical Education in school roughly 3-4 years ago! So I had no idea which would be suitable, after discussing with Jenna and the sport store 'shoe expert' we concluded fitness, flexible grip with an air cushion would work best. The cheaper option would cause more stress on my knees and joints and they didn't look appealing, so I got these white and pink babies. :)

Crop Top Lonsdale £6.99
There seems to be a theme here. Apparently a need for women of all sizes when working out, I was recommended Lonsdale as a the best cheaper cropped top/sports bra. Sports Direct currently have all their stock in liquidation meaning I got this for £6.99 instead of £22.99, quite a saving.  

Black Crochet JC Lita Style Heels Forever 21 £32.75
I absolutely love the Jeffery Campbell Litas but simply have no justification or funds for the price tag, having refrained from buying a copy for so long I came across these in Forever 21 on my recent visit to Birmingham. The crochet is gorgeous, it's just a shame they didn't do a beige version. I wear heels every Sunday to church and often during the week for nights out, events or church activities. Having also received a 10% student discount they were pretty much an investment, one I'm going to have so much fun wearing. 

Swallow Clutch Primark 
Cheating slightly here as this was given to me by Jenna. I remember when she bought it (it must've been at least a year or two ago) and she said that eventually I'd be the owner as it's more my style. That day has come! It just made me laugh. I keep over using a beautiful, metal, embossed clutch from River Island so it's lovely to have more variety. Thanks Jenna :D. 

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