Friday, 4 January 2013

Onwards and Upwards Welcome 2013

My NYE was spilt into two parts; spending the day with my very talented Stylist friend Gladmore and then heading to London for the evening with the beautiful Britt whom you may recognise from our spontaneous holiday to the Greek island Kos during the summer. When so many of us have gone off to uni in different ends of the country we tend to only see one another during the small window of our semester holidays and thus the last time I saw these wonderful people was in the summer. 

Kiera wears: Disco Pants River Island |  Lace Top Next | Denim Jacket The Ragged Priest | Aztec Detail Hoodie Topman  | Bowler Hat Topshop 
Gladmore wears: Disco Pants  American Apparel | Shirt Topman | Hoodie Primark | Necklace New Look   

Gladmore and I went to Wagamama and as it was her first time she trusted my recommendation of the Chicken Katsu Curry. I still find the seating set up pretty strange as it's a minimalistic restaurant come canteen and so you end up seated right next to strangers unless you're with a big group. I have no idea how to use chopsticks and instead of copping out and using a knife and fork we both cheated and used the children's chopsticks. Our outfits were very matching with us both sporting disco pants, hoodies and oversized denim jackets. It's still pretty chilly. We browsed the shops but neither of us were in a shopping mood, I wish I'd been more organised with my NYE outfit this year. I wanted to do a glitter dip dye ponytail *inspiration here* but left it too late and Boots didn't have any glitter hair spray left and everywhere else was shut. I may do it for another event though as it's such a fun idea.  

In the evening Britt & I caught the train to London, as a lovely NYE gift the tubes (& other various public transportation) were free between 11:30pm-4am! We aimed to go to a YSA dance at the Hyde Park chapel on Exhibition Road (South Kensington tube station), however we typically turned up late and most people had already gone down to watch the fireworks. We wondered through London looking for a good viewpoint ending up by the Hyde Park Corner tube station. We could see ok, but considering the amount we walked we were still fairly far away. I absolutely love Kensington and Chelsea, they're so awe inspiringly beautiful. The building are incredible, so elegant and grand. Imagine owning or living in one of those *dream trance*. Even the typical Chelsea style street signs get me excited! I seriously need to go to London more often, I may go again next week before I drift off back to the land of the North. It was so lovely catching up and enjoying our spontaneous friendship.

2013 Goals
Having goals and aspirations in life is very important to me. It baffles me when people aimlessly wonder in life with no future perspective or without making any active effort to better themselves. I love learning, new experiences, new people and generally being super excited about life. Regardless of the time of year I have goals, plans and aspirations, yet as tradition dictates I have decided to compile those specific to 2013.   
  • Read more literature 
  • Start painting again
  • Part time job-> save for summer
  • Get a 2.1 in the second year of my degree
  • Exercise more and get beautifully toned: Try out Insanity 
  • Learn to swim
  • Travel; preferably Europe and possibly work abroad 
  • Be an EFY Counsellor 
  • Keep working on & enjoying my blog
  • Learn to properly use & potentially own a DSLR 
  • Generally be happy and love life

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