Thursday, 10 January 2013

Woburn Safari Park

Last week I went to Woburn Safari Park, I've been there years ago with family but luckily I didn't remember too much so I was still able to enjoy an element of surprise. First you drive though and then there's a walk around section with the option to attend shows. It wasn't too busy and we had plenty of time to marvel at just how easily we can see elephants, camels, lions, tigers, wolves, etc in England; it must be pretty cold for them! You can tell which ones I was so enthralled by as there's no photos of them. Some were slightly scary but thrilling to observe. 

It's so wonderful to see such creatures in real life, the majestic tigers' stride who came so close the ranger felt the need to make him move away from us. To stroke a lemur and have monkeys jump on the car. Surprisingly the employees didn't give us much cautionary guidance or instruction and we were able to walk around with wallabies and spider monkeys to name a few. We were fairly cowardly in our attempts to stroke the animals, our hands coming so close yet so far. Just as we were being told to go I managed to be brave enough to stroke a lemur! Look at his lil face! He looks scared but he was properly loving it. I definitely recommend Safari parks :). Animals are such funny creatures. Even the English weather was on our side, it may of been abit nippy but it didn't rain. 

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  1. Waaaah, that Lemur is so fluffy! Such cute pics, this is a reminder that I haven't been to Longleat for years. I must go soon!

    The Style Rawr!

    1. He totally was :), wish I'd thought to take my gloves off though. You should! It's actually absurd we have the luxury of seeing these animals so easily. Xx


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