Saturday, 23 February 2013

Pastel Hues | Fashion

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Lace Dress worn as top Dorothy Perkins | Mint Skirt and Pink Skinny Belt H&M | Black Tights Primark | Assorted Bracelets Claires and Republic 

Anything pastel and I'm instantly drawn to it. I'll pay a pound or more extra for any cosmetic/toiletry product just because the packaging is pink or doll-like which doesn't sound like much but if I'm buying a haul worth of stuff it definitely all adds up. Silly me, the appeal is simply too much! Is it finally acceptable to officially proclaim the arrival of Spring?! While taking these pictures it was surprisingly warm, the sunshine is a rare sight in the north west and it's just so beautiful. Throughout winter I constantly lather on the delicate, pastel tones and avoid owning too many black clothing items. If it's ever a choice between a plain black or white tee, I'll go for white every time. I'm so pale and find the lighter tones compliment my skin far more, while making me feel lovely and feminine. Recently I've been using Super Sun In on my hair in an attempt to make it a lighter, more nature tone of blonde. The bottom half has been ombre-ed and thus it blends up to my lighter ginger tones. I dislike bleaching or heavily dying my hair as I've had so many years experience I realise how much it damages it and the absolute hassle of maintaining roots and thus have so far decided to go with the more gradual method of using such a heat activated spray. Saying that I may get too inpatient and reach for the dye bottle once more. I teamed this outfit with my lovely lita style, black crochet shoes from Forever 21, it's just a shame I didn't get them in the shot and as they don't seem to be on the website you'll simply need to imagine them :). 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A Taste of the Country

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This semester I have the least amount of timetabled hours in education since the start of my schooling, I love to be busy and can't wait for my new exciting job to start so I have much more fulfilling things to do with my spare time rather than be bored out of my mind. So I decided to explore my student living area, discovering a local park. It's quite lovely with a countryside feel, full of nostalgia reminding me of my childhood in Ireland and country walks we traditionally take whenever we have an extended family gathering. It was fun to wonder around and smile to myself at the notion of all the local dog walkers and families, feeling the most sense of community spirit since moving here. The first time owning a pair of Hunter wellies really appealed to me for the practical aspect rather than simply for the trendy, festival, British element. It's just a shame they're so expensive! If you follow me on instagram, you've already seen these photos :). I've gone abit instaddicted and  unashamedly loving it. 

Monday, 11 February 2013

I Believe in Grace and Choice | Fashion

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 Bowler Hat Topshop  | Pearl Collar Necklace Topshop Cable Knit Cardigan River Island Peplum Top H&M Long Black Vest Top Miss Selfridge Leggings River Island

The weather seems to be slowly getting warmer and thus I risked going to uni in just this without a coat or extra layer. Safe to say I was pretty chilly but it looked lovely and sunny in contrast to the usual grey skies of the North West. When will it be socially acceptable to bust out the sunglasses?! Personally I think sunglasses are one of the best things about summer attire, and excitingly designed sandals too of course. You may notice I am no longer wearing my Eylure Semi Permanent Eyelashes, they lasted roughly ten days and were a wonderful treat. I throughly enjoyed waking up everyday feeling like a pretty princess, five pound well spent. However for holidays, swimming and such I think getting my eyelashes tinted is a much better idea.

Today the applications for Jack Wills Best Summer Job in Great Britain have opened! I am so frigging excited! Last year I made it into the top 25 girls and would be ridiculously ecstatic if I won this year. The process is different which was a surprise as last year it was a video application. It's an incredible four week summer Marketing and Retail Internship, being a brand ambassador, a trip to the US, a years university tuition fees and much, much more! They also offer a similar internship for those in America entitled The Best Summer Job in America.   

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

You look so tumblr | Fashion

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Hunting Jacket Matlock & Brown  | Bowler Hat Topshop | Cable Knit H&M | Shirt DIY | Black Jeans Miss Selfridge 

I'm so happy with how these pictures turned out! While at university I tend to do less outfit posts as I find it awkward asking people to take the photos whereas at home I take perfect liberty with getting my younger sisters to do it. Previously I've attempted the self timer mode on my little digital camera but the focus was always out, yet today it decided to work super well! I took these in my little university back garden by balancing my camera on our wheelie bin and windowsill. It looks like regular outfit posts are once again on the horizon.

Today I received the best compliment; my friend Rickie said I look like one of those tumblr pictures that get loads of notes. I love tumblr and other fashion blogs and thus being influenced by so many different sources and people. My tutor also said I remind him of Culture Club, not the best compliment but he meant it nicely haha. It's probably the hat. 

The hunting jacket I acquired recently while visiting extended family. It's got that oversized, vintage feel to it :), I love how British and high quality it is.  I've been considering buying a fur collar/scarf to jazz it up a tad. When I was younger I actually did horse riding and won a rosette! I'm not a massive fan of the concept of fox hunting (the poor foxes) and so instead I'd like to give clay pigeon shooting a try. On the note of being British I received an email today from Jack Wills informing me about their Best Summer Job in Great Britain 2013 (eeek!), I applied last year and after mass public support and many votes made it into the top 25 girls in GB. This year let's make it a win! :D   

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


It's something I've wanted for months and months and months but my phone has a memory storage problem which with help I've managed to fix! (at least for now) Meaning my wish to have instagram has finally come true! I'm so excited!!! I am blatantly going to be one of those super annoying people who instagrams all the time and I'm going to relish every  single minute of it. Go on give me a follow ;) @kiera_ashleigh

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Eylure Semi Permanent Eyelashes

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I just want to take a minute to fangirl over my new bedcovers! Having moved from student halls to a student house this current academic year I went though the transition from a single bed to a double which I completely forgot about until I was just about to leave my family home at the end of summer to drive the 3-5hour trip to university. So in a mad rush we found a plain white double bedcover in our airing cupboard that I then adopted from September until now. As my room is very modern in design i.e. lots of white, it didn't add any personality and would get visibly dirty ridiculously quick. I would wash it and the following day you would be able to see some form of fluff or something that would drive me crazy and felt like my bed looked gross and as my bed is the biggest aspect of my room (my desk being tinie tiny) I wanted it to be gorgeous.    

Having spotted this design in Asda a few months ago I knew it was the one I wanted to buy; it was lovely and reasonably priced. The only trouble being I never go to Asda as it's very out of the way and I personally don't drive, so I continued to endure the white bedcovers. However having recently changed my eating habits to start a healthier lifestyle I needed to get a food shop delivered from Asda as some of the options I wanted weren't available at Aldi or the smaller supermarket convenient stores. This was the perfect time to add it to my basket and finally get the covers! Having recently visited Jenna in Birmingham and discovering that she has the same covers but in black I wanted them even more *matching bed covers baby*.  

Order placed and I was SO excited for them to arrive. I am so happy with the design, the way the colour pops in my little student room and make my bed beautiful. I know the majority of the design is also white but the artistic flower sketch pattern preoccupies the eye and they can be turnt over to reveal a reversed white flowers on pink background design. I love it and it really makes my life that much happier. It may seem silly that I put so much thought and consideration into this decision, but it truly is the little things that make our lives what they are and affect our overall happiness. 

Now for the eyelashes! 

Before I decided to give these a whirl I read previews, researched how to do it, compared prices and generally gave it a lot of thought. I decided on the Eylure Individual Lashes from Boots for £5.35, after looking into the amount charged by beauticians (around £40!) I figured I didn't have much to lose by doing it myself and after all it might turn out lovely. I also like the control :). The kit came with lash bunches in short, medium and long, eyelash glue, eyelash removing solution and instructions. I've included a range of photos so that the difference can be clearly seen.

1) Everyday eye make up; the YSL waterproof mascara which is incredible. I used it on holiday and it just doesn't budge! Although that does make taking it off a ridiculous chore.  

2) Make up free baby! People always seem surprised that I have blonde eyelashes (well what colour did you expect?!). I'm lucky that they're naturally quite long and curly, unfortunately without make up they are almost invisible meaning my mascara application needs not only to change the colour but the build up texture and volume and so it takes a while to apply and I feel super naked and self conscious without any on. 

3) To apply the semi permanent eyelashes I ensured by face was squeaky clean and that I had the time and natural sunlight to carry out the application properly. I dabbed the glue on foil and used tweezers to dip the end of each eyelash bunch into the glue then applied to my lash line. As I built up the lashes it became increasingly difficult it apply on the lash line and so a few are slightly more on the eyelid. The glue dries quickly and I spontaneously put as many bunches on each eye as I thought it aesthetically needed. Afterwards I had just under a third of the lashes left and most of the glue. 

4) After trimming the lashes slightly to create an even, symmetrical appearance I also added a sweep of the YSL waterproof mascara to the tops. I expected them to be much darker and as natural lashes aren't in bunches and mine are not even visible, the bottom is lighter than I would've liked. I also considered applying fake lashes under the eyes but they were far too long. 


I've had a lot of compliments on how natural they look and how the join isn't visible compared with strip lashes and that they're super long. I'm actually really happy with how they have turned out and love waking up feeling like a pretty doll princess. They hardly move when I sleep and they don't feel anywhere near as heavy as strip lashes. Removing my make up is easier than expected, even the mascara from my bottom lashes (!) I simply need to avoid using oil based remover as it'll weaken the glue. I reckon the glue would probably also work on strip lashes if you wished to make them semi permanent. These should last 1-3 weeks and they certainly make putting on make up far quicker. Four stars :D. 

Friday, 1 February 2013

Wistful Wishes

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1. Glow Job, Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion Soap & Glory £9
2. Hexagon Rimless Round Sunglasses Topshop £14
3. Roll Back Crop Tee Topshop £10
4. Mabel White Blouse with Oriental Baroque Print Dahlia £50
5. Sister Jakarta Pink Metallic Pleated Knee Length Skirt Dahlia £38
6. Moto Joni Super High Waisted Topshop £36
7. Bernice Chunky Jumper with Stud Shoulder Dahlia £55

Hello dearest blogging world :). This week I have lacked motivation to blog as I have been super tired and busy with working out, university, job hunting, church activities and other various life endeavours now that I'm back at university for the second semester. I have post ideas and I'll get properly post more regular entries soon, also if you have any suggestions or ideas feel free to let me know :). 

Having stumbled across loads of lovely dresses on boohoo lately I couldn't resist doing a wishlist post. Ironically I'm attempting to refrain from buying new clothes for a while but I'm getting so excited for the Spring/Summer season. So much so that I have already decided on the sunglasses and swimwear I'll be purchasing this year. The transition periods never really bother me concerning wardrobe changes; my best friend refers to my wardrobe as a shop and so I thought I would collect a few items to share with you that convey a degree of my current style. I often pin a lot of clothing and fashion related items I like on 'My Style' pinboard which you can check out here
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