Saturday, 23 February 2013

Pastel Hues | Fashion

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Lace Dress worn as top Dorothy Perkins | Mint Skirt and Pink Skinny Belt H&M | Black Tights Primark | Assorted Bracelets Claires and Republic 

Anything pastel and I'm instantly drawn to it. I'll pay a pound or more extra for any cosmetic/toiletry product just because the packaging is pink or doll-like which doesn't sound like much but if I'm buying a haul worth of stuff it definitely all adds up. Silly me, the appeal is simply too much! Is it finally acceptable to officially proclaim the arrival of Spring?! While taking these pictures it was surprisingly warm, the sunshine is a rare sight in the north west and it's just so beautiful. Throughout winter I constantly lather on the delicate, pastel tones and avoid owning too many black clothing items. If it's ever a choice between a plain black or white tee, I'll go for white every time. I'm so pale and find the lighter tones compliment my skin far more, while making me feel lovely and feminine. Recently I've been using Super Sun In on my hair in an attempt to make it a lighter, more nature tone of blonde. The bottom half has been ombre-ed and thus it blends up to my lighter ginger tones. I dislike bleaching or heavily dying my hair as I've had so many years experience I realise how much it damages it and the absolute hassle of maintaining roots and thus have so far decided to go with the more gradual method of using such a heat activated spray. Saying that I may get too inpatient and reach for the dye bottle once more. I teamed this outfit with my lovely lita style, black crochet shoes from Forever 21, it's just a shame I didn't get them in the shot and as they don't seem to be on the website you'll simply need to imagine them :). 

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  1. Love pastels too can't wait for some warmer weather so I can wear my new mint lace dress I brought today!!! X

    1. It's definitely my favourite colour palette. :D That dress sounds so cute! I'm sure you could get away with wearing it now if you fancied ;) after all it is the start of March this week! Xx


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