Friday, 1 February 2013

Wistful Wishes

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1. Glow Job, Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion Soap & Glory £9
2. Hexagon Rimless Round Sunglasses Topshop £14
3. Roll Back Crop Tee Topshop £10
4. Mabel White Blouse with Oriental Baroque Print Dahlia £50
5. Sister Jakarta Pink Metallic Pleated Knee Length Skirt Dahlia £38
6. Moto Joni Super High Waisted Topshop £36
7. Bernice Chunky Jumper with Stud Shoulder Dahlia £55

Hello dearest blogging world :). This week I have lacked motivation to blog as I have been super tired and busy with working out, university, job hunting, church activities and other various life endeavours now that I'm back at university for the second semester. I have post ideas and I'll get properly post more regular entries soon, also if you have any suggestions or ideas feel free to let me know :). 

Having stumbled across loads of lovely dresses on boohoo lately I couldn't resist doing a wishlist post. Ironically I'm attempting to refrain from buying new clothes for a while but I'm getting so excited for the Spring/Summer season. So much so that I have already decided on the sunglasses and swimwear I'll be purchasing this year. The transition periods never really bother me concerning wardrobe changes; my best friend refers to my wardrobe as a shop and so I thought I would collect a few items to share with you that convey a degree of my current style. I often pin a lot of clothing and fashion related items I like on 'My Style' pinboard which you can check out here

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