Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sweet Sixteen | Fashion

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 Pink Blazer Topshop  Grey Midi Dress Matalan | Faux Litas Forever 21 Collar Necklace Topshop Pastel Pink Satchel Matalan | Tights Primark | Pink Skinny Belt Primark 

I was given this pink blazer for my sixteenth birthday, which is crazy to think was almost four years ago! Ever since starting university I've brought with me almost all of my clothes, a silly decision really as I have so many. Only recently have I decided to sort through them properly and seperate what I actually wear, what I should wear and those I want to give to my younger sisters or sell (que upcoming blog sale). Of the pieces I want to start wearing again includes this lovely piece. As Spring is settling in and a desire to smarten up my new jersey dress for church I decided to give the plucky coloured piece a whirl once again.  

Life has been super exciting as of late. I've started a lovely marketing internship and have multiple university projects on the go, one of which we're shooting early this week and of course lots of Easter chocolate to consume before the ever looming end of our beloved Easter season for another year. It's strange to think my baby blog will soon be a year old! I hope you've been enjoying our journey together as much as I have and that we'll endeavour further down this road together. 

It you do enjoy my blog it would mean the world to me if you were to nominate my little internet world into the Company Style Blogger Awards whether if be for ‘Best Personal Style Newcomer Blog Award’ or any other category you feel appropriate. 

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  1. lovely outfit, love the pop of pink <3

    1. Thanks lovely :D It certainly is a bright pink! I felt quite Barbie :)


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