Tuesday, 16 April 2013

London! Playing Tourist and Mormon Missionaries

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While home for Easter I popped to London for the day, Amelia's friend Lena came over from Sweden giving us a lovely opportunity to take her around London's touristy places.  So together with our lovely friend Kashmir we were all set for a great play day. Although my family home is pretty close to the Great City, I've never really gone solely for the tourist aspect. 

From watching the Change of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, to Covent Garden, attempted bike rides, seeing Marc Quinn's blood head in the National Gallery, Egyptian and Greek artefacts at the British Museum, an ice cream lunch at the Leicester Square Haggen-Dasz Cafe, Trafalgar Square, St Paul's Cathedral, the Harry Potter Bridge, watching the Saturday General Conference session at the Hyde Park Chapel (an infographic explaining what is General Conference can be seen here) and a cheeky Nandos at Oxford Circus, we certainly had a fun packed day! It was so lovely to spend time with one another as with our busy lives and my moving to northland for university, it is a rare occurrence. The sun even peaked out to say hello and shine on us as I failed to ride a bike on the busy streets and ended up in the middle of a road and crashing into a small kiosk store :') oops. 

I absolutely love to marvel at the beauty of architecture and throughly enjoyed the serenity inside the British Museum (the cream column and domed glass ceiling photos above), wondering aloud whether heaven would look like this. Of course getting the crowd pleasing answer that heaven will look different to everyone ;) thanks for that Kashmir. I couldn't believe how awe inspiring and simply huge St Paul's Cathedral is. Photos simply do not do it justice. Hiding along the columns and standing in front of the huge doors I felt transported to the temple in Disney's Hercules yet with more splendour and artistic ideology. Luckily I managed to catch the last train home, ending the day with a lovely white hot chocolate. I even spotted a man wearing sunglasses on the tube! Seriously?! We're underground... 

Amelia has just got her mission call to the Australia Sydney North Mission!!!! I'm so ridiculously excited for her and know she'll make a great missionary. What a wonderful area to be assigned too, serving the people and labouring for the Lord for a whole eighteen months. Wish I was going ;). The lucky lady will also get to train at the Provo Missionary Training Centre! She's even started a mission blog which you can check out here. Since the age change last October it's been incredible too see so many of my friends strive for missionary service and get their call. To learn more about our church you can check us out at www.mormon.org.uk where you can chat to missionaries online, watch videos, read about what we believe and why we're such a happy people! 

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