Friday, 10 May 2013

Summer Dreaming | Fashion

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 Moto Lilac Jeans Topshop £36  Hong Kong Heels Asos £45| Unicorn Onsie Topshop £36 | Pink Stripe Bikini Topshop £28 | Hot Pink Longline Bikini Topshop £25 

I have finished my second year of university!!!! It's crazy to think I only have one year left until I graduate and have a degree. But in the mean time the summer holidays are upon us!! (Minus the poor weather) Saying that I did actually get a lovely bit of *colour while in Bristol over the weekend (..sunburn), I love it as I feel all holidayish. While making summer plans and organising holidays I have of course been massively distracted by internet window shopping. 

1. Topshop currently has a gorgeous range of high waisted pastel jeans! I would seriously love to have them all as my wardrobe is constantly adored with all things high waisted and Spring pallets. I never know what to do with low waisted styles *bottom half of my top just chilling about.. what are this?!*

2. Soho styled, metal cuffed heels have persuaded me away from my dislike of strappy heels, although I'm still unsure of the low height of these babies I can't help but dream up cute outfits of the chic and classy variety.  


4. While swimwear shopping I find it super difficult to find one with a decent top half, this bikini not only offers a wonderfully vintage, pastel candy feel but also great shape and coverage.

5. Anyone say high waisted? Could I resist, would I even want too?! More covering and flattering than the standard bikini by accentuating the toned upper midriff. Similar to the brightly coloured American Apparel Malibu one piece in tone yet more affordable.  

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