Thursday, 6 June 2013

Happiness and Direction

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"Two years is a time for me to give back, for I owe each breath that I breathe. It's only a small thing when you look at eternity." 

I feel so incredibly blessed. My life is wonderful. Having lacked internet presence for a fair while and gaining so much joy from reading blogs of friends, especially Jo telling us about her adventure of life with her hubby, I feel I should really start blogging again :).  

Another year of university has drawn to a close opening up an incredible four month summer of which I have so far been working at a job I massively enjoy in marketing and staying in my university city. I really feel like I have created a little life for myself here. I love being busy and enjoy the flexibility of working and having the sociality of student life. I also have plans to attend a international Young Single Adult convention in Sweden early July then travel around the country exploring their architecture, culture and generally having new experiences. I am so incredibly excited! Sweden is apart of Europe I have never visited and I'm lucky enough to be going with a friend who served his mission there! Furthermore John freaking Bytheway will be speaking at the convention!!!   

I'm also going to be an EFY (Especially for Youth) Counsellor!!! (Now called SMYC: Special Multistake Youth Conference) Having attended EFY as a youth three times I can truly testify of how incredible it is. It changes lives. To feel the love of the Lord and have so many spiritual experiences with so many friends and peers is astounding. It is difficult to put into words how amazingly uplifting and faith fortifying of an experience it is. If anyone is debating whether to go I seriously encourage it! I cannot wait to serve my adopted little sisters, to draw closer to the Lord together and gain deeper understanding of his gospel. To be an instrument in the Lord's hands to give them the best possible experience they personally need. 

My perspective is becoming much more refined. I feel direction in what I need to do and fear just melts away. I am so grateful for all that I have, the opportunities, the clarity of Heavenly Father's love, the doctrine, the church, friends, family, church members, everything. I have recently joined the facebook page 'Many are called... but few are sisters' (see Doctrine & Covenants 121:34) it is a community of female members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that are considering serving a mission, putting in their papers (application), received their mission call, mothers of these girls, etc. The content is so uplifting. I love the support and righteous power conveyed through their words of love, fellowship, support and spiritual upliftment. It is a glorious thing.   

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