Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Birthday Mission

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Saturday was my lovely boyfriend's birthday! Growing up my mum always made a point to make ours very special, instilling a great love of birthdays in my heart. Yet Bernard doesn't share this opinion and wasn't too thrilled at the prospect of me making a fuss of his. Silllyyyy :D. 

Being a poor student, I wanted to make it a super lovely day for him but couldn't afford much. He was also at work for the majority of the day, and so 'Mission Birthday' was born. I wanted to steal away his keys and 'decorate' his room with balloons and goodies. The boy is such a stealth that I had to out rightly ask for them "I'm going to ask you a request you cannot question. Can I have your keys..? For the day." He looked concerned :). 

We spent the morning together, I sneakily made him homemade English pancakes with his favourite toppings and, we attended a wonderfully spiritually uplifting baptism. Off he went to work and I set to work on his surprise with Michelle. Getting harassed by chavs, buying out Hobbycraft, icing the delicious 'Cookies & Cream' (Oreo) cupcakes I'd baked the day previous and transporting loads of stuff to his home.   

I let him in after work and loved seeing his face light up with joy. It was definitely a great birthday.   

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