Friday, 29 November 2013

Celebrating Six Months of Happiness

Tomorrow marks six months since Bernie and I started dating. Half. A. Year! Time seems to go so quickly! While we didn't want to be one of those cringey couples that celebrate things like a three month anniversary, we decided that half a year of happiness was certainly something we wanted to celebrate!

With the masses of uni work and Bernard working weekends, we very rarely get a day to ourselves. We started dating at the beginning of summer when we had ample time to take days off to explore nearby cities and random locations. Each time an adventure and discovery of getting to know each other. So to mark six months we took the day to go to Manchester for the Christmas Markets, have one of our favourite meals (Mega Chicken Katsu Curry at Yo Sushi) and watch the new Hunger Games movie (which is brilliant). 

Neither of us had ever been to the Manchester Christmas Markets, and as this is my final year at university it very likely to be my last year living near enough to travel to visit them. There were so many market stalls in clusters all around the centre, each trading out of quaint lodge style sheds. Decorated with chalkboard signs, lights and Christmas novelties. With over 300 stalls, the majority selling authentic foods from across Europe e.g. from the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Hungary and France. 

Alongside Christmas gifts, trinkets and charity fundraisers. We saw a beautiful Christmas tree for Macmillan Cancer Support, covered in handwritten wishes on brown gift tags. Detailing heartfelt wishes such as love and support for family members, wishing to get a mortgage for a home that can be passed on, prayers for those in Heaven and generic Christmas well wishes. With each wish added to the tree the individual pays £1 towards the charity. Seeing the beautiful messages made me feel such a love for people I had never seen, never mind met. Wishing that they had the power of pray and comfort of the Holy Ghost in their lives. 

It certainly was a lovely, lovely day. It's funny to compare how we are now with how we were when we first started dating. How things change and how much we appreciate each other and our relationship. While we love day trips and making time to do activities, there is something so wonderful about cuddling up and watching a TV series. 

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