Monday, 24 February 2014

An Expression of Love | Our First Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was so wonderful this year. Usually it is not a holiday I am particularly fussed with but as it's the first for Bernard & I we wanted to do some special little things together. We decided not to do presents but to simply spend the day together. 

However.. as he absolutely LOVES lemon tarts, I spent the morning baking him cute little Lemon Tartlets (recipe here). I arrived at his house to see something big, almost box like hidden under a blanket on his coffee table. He reveals that he had actually made me something and instructs me to go look. I'm so awful with surprises that I tired to put it off and prolong the conversation. But I needn't have worried. It was such a touching, perfect gift. 

Months ago I came across 'book lamps' on Etsy and Pinterest for £70/£80 upwards and over, we saw some again at the Vintage Christmas Markets in Manchester costing something like two for £150. Bernard had made me one of these! It's a pile of four vintage, hardback books tied together with parcel string, like a little package from years ago. With little rubber feet and, a lightbulb and lampshade at the top. The wire runs through the books (he drilled through them) and out the bottom, it rests neatly on the table because of the little feet. The wire has a socket to plug into the wall and the switch is by the lightbulb. 

It works wonderfully and is so cute and quirky and beautiful. I was so impressed and touched. I certainly have one talented man! Who is so wonderful to even remember and think of these things I randomly show him off the internet and ramble on about :). He also planned for us to go to Liverpool to the circus! So we took the train and played Quiddler (a word card game) on the way and arrived hungry after only eating some lemon tartlets. Battling the horrible stormy weather and wind, we went to Yo Sushi for our mains and ate desert at Cafe Rouge. 

After a bus ride to the circus we watched a wonderful show. It was small enough to be right in on the action and scary enough to fear for the lives of the performers. Some of the acts truly were brilliant! Months ago we looked at a different circus online but it was around £60 a ticket, which as students we cannot afford! So with tickets only costing £12 we were slightly apprehensive how good it'd be. 

While some of the acts seemed more like fillers and the characters costumes looked like the thing of nightmares i.e. Toy Story's Round Up Gang and Buzz Lightyear, whose faces were terrifying and some weird clown people. 

There were insanely talented individuals, captivating routines and 'How did they do that?' moments. We really enjoyed it and were pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and charisma of the show. It was such a lovely and happy Valentine's Day and I was so glad that I could share it with Bernard. I love our life adventures. 

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