Monday, 28 April 2014

Organising the End!

I feel like I am forever going on about the end of university.. BUT IT'S ALMOST HERE!!! It's a big deal to work hard for something for three years and see it come to fruition. I love uni. I love the subject (Creative Advertising), the craft, the idea generating. It's challenging but that's what makes it so satisfying. 

I think it's quite a big thing to say (and to mean it), that I love and enjoy a subject I picked when I was eighteen and have spent so much time immersed in. Uni has taught me so much on so many different levels. The experience certainly is crazy. With work, classes, social activities, church, my church calling and my boyfriend, there's a lot to consider when it comes to my time. Especially when it's a guarantee that all nighters will be pulled as deadlines approach. 

Throw into that all the creative competition deadlines I had, the upcoming shows, graduation, and there's even more to remember and be on top of. With so many dates to remember it caused me to feel overwhelmed and stressed, so I devised a plan. To pinterest I went hunting down cute, free, printable calendars. I can't remember the exact source of these, but luckily there are lots of lovely bloggers and designers out there who have made many!

I printed from the current month at the time to August and started marking them up with colour coded references, so I could look at it and within a glance I would understand what I had to do that day. These are now old photos and since then they have so many more scribbles, colours and all sorts! I thought putting it all down on paper would make me feel less stressed, but if anything it freaked me out more! How ironic. So under August I stuck a beautiful photo of Jesus Christ and a letter, both of which the lovely Sister Missionaries had given me. It helps give me peace and remind me that all will work out. 

I have a plan of what I'm going to do following uni and I'm pretty darn excited! Having this schedule is massively helpful :) not only does it add more colour and a cute element to my uni bedroom, but it helps organise my life!

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