Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Home of Lewis Carroll | Exploring Oxford

As a uni student I only get three holidays a year and during this Easter break I took the trip to Oxford to visit my lovely friend Becca. We've been friends for seven years and while we spend time together at home. She's made the effort to come visit me at uni all the way in northland and I had never visited her! Until now :). 

The city of Oxford is absolutely beautiful. While I've been there a fair few times with my family, this was the first time I've spent the day aim aimlessly exploring. I'm such a sucker for traditional architecture and love the rich aesthetic of our country. 

The famous author Lewis Carroll called Oxford his home for many years and wrote the fanastical Alice in Wonderland novel there and part of the Harry Potter movies were filmed there. There are so many quirky nooks and crannies hidden amongst the grandeur to be explored. Travel and visiting new places or simply those not as well known to me always brings out the simple childlike joy and wonderment. Life is such an adventure. 

We visited the University Church of St Mary the Virgin, where we paid to climb to the top and gain access to the views across Oxford. At first the climb seemed to be a maze through various rooms until we reached a stone passage. Entering into a teeny tiny stone cut spiral staircase we made our final ascent. It was flipping scary! There was only a handrail on one side and it got so steep as we climbed, I felt like I was practically crawling. Getting to the top was exhilarating, albeit very scary! It lead to a narrow balcony that circled around the steeple. The balcony itself was cut from the stone and only really allowed us to stand single file. As we circled and became slightly more comfortable with our narrow platform we realised to return down we had to go back the way we came! Which had gotten pretty busy. Navigating our way across people trying to take photos and fit into such a small place was not an easy task! 

While there we spent some time seated in the chapel of the church. There always seems to be something special about traditional chapels. I love the Holy Spirit we can feel there. In Sweden I spent a lot of time visiting traditional chapels. Personally it helps me gain a testimony of how much God truly loves all his children regardless of their religion (or none). 

During this academic year I've only had one official night out clubbing, it seems as my degree has progressed my partying has declined. Night clubs have greatly lost their appeal and I really don't appreciate drunk people accidentally spilling their drinks on me. (So frustrating!) However due to my lack of antics, Becca felt duty bound to take me out. And I honesty had the best time! I love dancing so much! We went to a tiki style bar and I had non-alcoholic cocktails (although they were out of the best ones) and it felt so much like being on holiday again! Luckily it wasn't too busy and it was simply a lot of clean fun! 

I am so grateful for our friendship that has developed along with us as we've gone through these life experiences. We both graduate from our respective degrees this summer and while Becca is off to travel Asia, I'm so excited to hear all her stories and see all the photos when she returns!     

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